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I was probably one of the heaviest clients that you have had and with knee problems and breathing problems, I was still able to participate and feel good about myself.

Constance Thompson

I was thrilled that the exercises I wanted to do could be modified! There was no need to be intimidated by any activity.

Nicky Barnes

Bottom line: no matter what your size or ability, Green Mountain at Fox Run is a non-threatening place where you can progress at your own pace.

J.P., Covina, CA

The exercise classes were wonderful. I loved how I was exposed to so many types of activities. Now I want to take up cross-country skiing!


Before my Green Mountain experience, I always felt unable to keep up in an exercise class. Your staff made sure that there were options to accomodate everyone’s level of fitness. I felt very empowered.

D.M., Daren, CT
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