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Our Caring and Knowledgeable Staff

Everyone on the Green Mountain staff is extremely supportive – everyone! The other women were a lot of fun and the setting was incredibly peaceful.

OliAnna Stancel

This program is life changing. I could never do this alone or in mixed company. The ‘all women’ concentration is very effective. The staff was always very positive, patient and compassionate.

Ann Robinson

I’ll say it again, the staff is great! It’s great to come back and always see the same staff. They remember and support you as if you never left.

Tonya H.

I think the entire staff is amazing. Overall, the experience was wonderful – more than words can explain.

C. Roberts

All of the staff at Green Mountain at Fox Run are wonderful. The dynamics were right on and each staff member provided their own helpful perspective. Jen was incredibly supportive and motivating. Her high energy inspired me to do my best and enjoy the activities. Lynn Ann was so knowledgeable and used her own history and experiences to each the groups. Sam always made the classes challenging and interesting. The balance between Teri and Mimi was also very helpful. Teri challenged me to reach out to myself in a way I never have. Mimi’s soft voice and calm demeanor helped me with stillness and meditation. I really enjoyed the behavioral classes and found Eating Scary Foods very helpful. I also enjoyed the dance classes at night with Teri. Robyn was a wealth of information and her story was so inspiring. She has given me infinite tools to take home and her classes were wonderful. I would come again for a tune up.

E. Chapman
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