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Our Caring and Knowledgeable Staff

Your staff is blessed with intelligence, compassion, humor and the ability to extend hope. I returned home healthier, happier and filled with gratitude to you, and the staff.

Alice Kontos, Tewksbury, MA

The wonderful staff – the feeling of openness – the camaraderie among participants – the individualized help. Green Mountain has led me to believe in the ability I have to reach my health and fitness goals.

Patty Abraham

Beautiful surroundings, excellent staff, Great philosophy.

Earladeen Badger

I am impressed by the staff’s devotion and passion! You are an incredible team. I am so grateful you have made your life’s work the encouragement and education of women like me. Thank you so very much.

Tami Bradshaw

I had the most wonderful, uplifting week for decades! My aunt Jo says: “Kudos! Your programme brings hope and satisfaction to people who have longed to be noticed and cared for in a multitude of ways.”

Jackie Etheridge
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