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Our Caring and Knowledgeable Staff

I came to Green Mountain knowing that it was time for me to take charge of my obesity, but not knowing quite how. With the help of the staff, who have a wealth of education and experience in women’s fitness, nutrition, and other health issues, I was able to take home and implement changes for a lifetime of healthy living.

Kathy Robinson

The exercise staff were absolutely fantastic – caring, personable, fun, genuine. I was motivated to change with the positive and supportive attitudes of the Green Mountain staff. Thank you!

Andrea Frost

I was extremely pleased with the friendliness, openness, and knowledge of your staff. Thank you! I have been extolling the virtues and beautiful surroundings of Green Mountain to my family and friends.

Verna Cefalu

The entire staff is wonderful! Everyone is very professional and knowledgeable – I felt as if I was getting a real bargain on a life-altering experience. Vermont is also very beautiful – the setting is great – and I liked the variety in the activities and the opportunities for hiking.

Mary Junker

Your staff is absolutely inspiring and made everything I dreaded prior to coming to Green Mountain, a whole lot of fun!

Jamie McGuire
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