Alumnae Support


After your stay at Green Mountain, we want to help you Sustain the Change™! Because ongoing support can mean the difference between success and failure in reaching your health and healthy weight goals.

Consider the following options to help you Sustain the Change™ you started during your stay with us in Vermont.

Sustain the Change™ Phone Coaching

Keep in touch with the professionals you connected with while at Green Mountain. Let them help you stay on track as you deal with the stresses and distractions of home. Our coaching sessions are individually tailored to your specific goals and created with your immediate needs in mind.

A Weight Lifted Blog

Green Mountain’s healthy weight loss blog for women tired of dieting. Our daily posts help remind you of the nuances of living without the diet mentality; how to make food choices that truly support you; how to make physical activity something you want to do; how to think and talk to yourself positively to support yourself in achieving your goals. If you have a question or a topic you’d like us to write about, please email us.

Monthly Articles

Stay up-to-date on health and fitness trends and our views about them with our FitBriefings. We’re always looking for topics that will help you in your quest to live well, so please email us your ideas.

Healthy Recipes

Featuring some of the favorites you enjoyed during your stay at Green Mountain as well as new recipes our talented chefs keep dreaming up. Or get them all in one place in our cookbook Recipes for Living.Our first edition is available in hardback; our second edition is available as an e-cookbook. Click here to learn more or purchase a copy.

Style Resources for Larger Women

Fashion choices for larger women have come a long way in the past couple of years. We’ve got a great list of retailers that offer stylish attire for all budgets, and a list of style bloggers who offer advice and solutions for the curvier woman.

Additional Resources

Links to sites that we believe provide important information and products to help you feel great and keep moving forward to achieve your health and healthy weight goals.