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The information you’ll find in the articles, blog posts, videos and podcasts listed below give you insight into our approach and program. They have been written and produced by our professional and highly experienced staff to help you understand the difference in our approach and begin to put it in place at home.

If You’re Trying to Lose Weight, These Resources and Tips Can Help

  • FitBriefings — Brief articles written by our professional staff that share our non-diet thinking about issues of importance to health and weight management.
  • Healthy Recipes — Developed by our talented chefs, these are some of our most-requested recipes from our participants.
  • Videos and Podcasts — Informative snippets to help you in your efforts to reach a healthy weight and stay there.

Our Perspective on Weight Loss

The female experience with dieting has not been a successful one. Despite the dieting obsession of the past several decades, weight struggles for women are on the rise, along with eating disorders such as binge eating, compulsive eating and bulimia. Quality of life, even for healthy weight women, is tainted by fear of food and eating.

While the hope for a magic cure still entices many with weight struggles to try the next diet miracle, more and more women realize diets don’t work. What’s not clear, however, is what does work for healthy weight loss in women.

That’s the Green Mountain at Fox Run difference. Green Mountain’s philosophy, proven approach and experience helps women identify their personal attitudes, thoughts and behaviors that stand in the way of finding peace with eating and weight. Our participants report feeling calmer, more comfortable and in-charge when eating. They also say they feel more positive that they have found a sustainable path to getting healthy and fit – one that feels good and they enjoy. Healthy weights are the result.

We encourage you to explore our website deeply. If you have questions or want more information, please let us know.

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Featured Video

Featured FitBriefing

Eating at Night

Strategies for Overcoming Night Eating Syndrome It’s 9 pm. How many trips have you made to the refrigerator tonight? If you’re a night eater, chances are a lot. You may know it’s not about being hungry as much as much as boredom or a difficult emotion such as loneliness. Still, you find yourself searching for something to satisfy. To be […] Read more »

eating at night

Featured Healthy Recipe

Turkey Chili

What could be better on a cold winter day? Or for that matter, one that’s not so cold? Plus, it’s easy!! Serve it with cornbread — and a salad, if you wish, for a little texture and temperature variation — and you’ve got a meal […] Read more »