David Smith



David joined Green Mountain at Fox Run in August 2011, bringing with him a deep knowledge and appreciation for the local foods of Vermont. Aside from brief periods spent honing his skills in Colorado and Florida, where he worked for four restaurants within the world’s largest Marriott, David’s roots are firmly grounded in Southern Vermont. For more than 20 years, he has worked in and managed the kitchens of many acclaimed dining establishments across the state, including The Marina in Brattleboro, The Four Columns in Newfane and The Old Tavern in Grafton.

Prior to his migration to Ludlow to join Green Mountain, David served for six years as executive chef at The Old Tavern, a historic country inn. There, he cultivated his “localvore” approach and developed a green thumb while overseeing the kitchen garden. From Peruvian potatoes and heirloom tomatoes to an array of herbs and specialty greens, the seasonal menus David designed reflected what was being harvested at the time. What ingredients he couldn’t reap from the garden, he sourced from local sustainable farms, as part of the Vermont Fresh Network. He also hosted “Localvore” dinners every Tuesday, where only 100 percent local ingredients could be used on the special menu.

In his new role, David continues his quest to use fresh, colorful and flavorful foods of Vermont in the dishes he prepares and to introduce new ingredients to help Green Mountain guests expand their palates and nutritional options. As a native Vermonter, he’s also known to impart great advice on hikes, drives and other “local” activities.