Your Pathway to Overcoming Binge Eating

Do you ever feel “out of control” with the amount of food you eat? Do you eat in secret because once a binge starts, you feel humiliated that you can’t stop?

You aren’t alone. If you struggle with Binge Eating, sometimes known as Compulsive Eating, we have a special, limited-time only, offering for you at Green Mountain at Fox Run.

Introducing Pathway℠ with Kari Anderson, DBH, LPC

PPathway in the autumn forestPathway is designed as an add-on series to your traditional Green Mountain at Fox Run stay. This new educational and experiential offering is led by Kari Anderson, Binge Eating Specialist at Green Mountain at Fox Run.

As a Pathway participant you’ll focus on deepening your understanding of binge eating and developing your own practical, effective strategies to meet your individual needs.

You will gain:

  • An experience of empowerment and freedom from the shame and secrecy you now may feel about binge eating.
  • An understanding of how to overcome binge eating, based on your individual history and needs.
  • An opportunity to stop binge eating and gain the know-how and confidence to do the same back home.

Series Includes:

  • Private One-Hour Coaching Session with Kari Anderson to explore the roots of your binge eating and discover ways to empower yourself to tackle it.
  • Weekly Small Group Discussions On Latest Breakthroughs in Binge Eating on a wide variety of  unique and timely topics around binge eating, such as healing through the art of self-compassion, understanding the neuroscience of change as well as discovering what’s holding you back from change.
  • Unique Mindfulness Evening including pre-meal mindful meditations to deepen your awareness and appreciation of body, mind and self, a guided mindful dinner eating with attention and enjoyment designed to promote self-healing, followed by a fireside chat to share experiences and build trust with yourself and other like-minded women.

And that’s just the start!

Take Advantage of all Green Mountain at Fox Run Has to Offer

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to 12 participants.
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The Pathway series is integrated with our core Green Mountain curriculum. So while participating in Pathway you can also take advantage of Green Mountain’s acclaimed healthy weight program that includes movement, fitness, nutrition and behavioral classes; cooking demos; and more.

Series Cost – $699, in addition to the regular fees for a two-week stay at Green Mountain at Fox Run. Introductory rate of $490 (30% off) the Pathway series now in effect. Please check Rooms and Rates for weekly fees for the core program and accommodation options.

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