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Short, High-Intensity Workouts: Are They For You?

Women who come to Green Mountain at Fox Run often ask how much exercise they should be doing. According to the New York Times article, The Rise of the Minimalist Workout, perhaps they should be changing their question to how little. According to the article, it is possible to gain fitness through very small amounts of strenuous exercise. According to the article, it is possible to gain fitness through very small amounts of strenuous exercise,… Continue reading

Declaration of Independence from Dieting

Since this Wednesday is Independence Day, I was inspired to re-write the Declaration of Independence as a declaration to never diet again.  I found it interesting that so much of the original text was appropriate for explaining why women everywhere should break their ties with dieting.  Please join us in declaring your independence from dieting.  Leave your name in the comments section by 3:30 EDT on Tuesday, July 3rd, to have your “signat… Continue reading

On Attitude Adjustments and the Perils of Overtraining

…tive for about a month and a half now and last week, when I stepped on the dreaded scale, I didn’t get the results I’d been hoping for. It turns out that as I’ve gotten more fit, I need to bump my cardio up a notch in order to get the same results I had in the beginning of my training. Instead of focusing on the positive – my overall fitness level was increasing and I had still dropped pounds, I took it as a mandate that I… Continue reading

Health at Every Size

…Promoting weight loss through exercise, dietary restriction, and behavior modification rarely succeeds. It often results in cycles of weight loss and gain, with the potential for serious physical and psychological health risks, and contributes to body hatred, dangerous eating disorders, and exercise addiction.[1,2] Yet we believe that if we continue to use the same approaches, we will somehow obtain different results. Indeed, this is the definiti… Continue reading

Weight Loss: High-fat Atkins diet damages blood vessels

…ammation indicators. Blood vessel flexibility and dilation capabilities were also measured in ultrasounds. Those results were compared to the times when they were on the other diets. Outcome The American Heart Association met in Orlando, FL to hear Miller’s results. “Some markers of inflammation were increased by as much as 30 to 40 percent during the Atkins phase, whereas during the [other diet] phases, the markers either were stable or we… Continue reading

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