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What Leads to Weight Loss Results?

…um: A Comfortable Weight Loss Approach You will build momentum in the most comfortable way possible and get real results (yes, really). And, you’ll avoid crashing between the all-or-nothing model of change that leaves you drained and demoralized. No overwhelm, no guilt, no discomfort. Those are changes you can sink your teeth into (sorry). I want that for you. Read 4 Tips for Making Changes that Last >> Do you have some weight loss r… Continue reading

Break out of Your Comfort Zone to Get the Results You Want

Are you in the (comfort) zone? If you are sick of plodding along doing the same things as always and hoping to get the results you have been aiming for, you are in good company. It’s hard to really face the fact that to have a breakthrough in your way of eating or relationship with your body, that you have to do something different. Because if you are still struggling, or if you are not seeing the outcomes you want, then whatever you are d… Continue reading

BES Results

Results: you scored 1 points Non-bingeing: less than 17 Moderate bingeing: 18-26 Severe bingeing: 27 and greater If you scored in the moderate or severe range for binge eating, we can help. Introducing Pathway sm with Kari Anderson, DBH, LPC More than 40 years ago, Green Mountain at Fox Run learned that dieting, or restrictive eating, can actually trigger    weight gain and binge eating for many woman. That’s why we pioneered a non-die… Continue reading

Weight Loss: Results Not Typical

While watching TV last night, I was bombarded with the usual weight loss programs and weight loss product ads.  In each different commercial, during the parade of before and after photos, a common theme emerges: the disclaimer of ‘results not typical.’ Three Little Words There’s a big message in those three little words, which are barely readable in its tiny print at the bottom of the screen:  odds are you won’… Continue reading

Healthy Eating: Interpreting Food & Health-Related Scientific Studies

…as it is rare that a study provides a final, complete answer. In fact, occasionally even old, accepted research results are revisited and discussed again. With the benefit of new information or technology, scientists sometimes see old results in a new light. The publication of research findings allows researchers to obtain input on their work, which not only confirms or contradicts their results but also adds to the body of literature on a subje… Continue reading

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