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What Leads to Weight Loss Results?

…f how many times we’ve crashed when we’ve tried to do too much too soon. I will tell you what works… pretty much every time if you can shift your mindset a bit. Slow and Steady Progress for Sustainable Weight Loss Results We’ve all heard the old saw “slow and steady wins the race.” And it does. But it’s not that exciting, there are no flashy promises, and so we pass up that way of doing things. It’s not a sexy mindse… Continue reading

Break out of Your Comfort Zone to Get the Results You Want

Are you in the (comfort) zone? If you are sick of plodding along doing the same things as always and hoping to get the results you have been aiming for, you are in good company. It’s hard to really face the fact that to have a breakthrough in your way of eating or relationship with your body, that you have to do something different. Because if you are still struggling, or if you are not seeing the outcomes you want, then whatever you are d… Continue reading

Weight Loss: Results Not Typical

While watching TV last night, I was bombarded with the usual weight loss programs and weight loss product ads.  In each different commercial, during the parade of before and after photos, a common theme emerges: the disclaimer of ‘results not typical.’ Three Little Words There’s a big message in those three little words, which are barely readable in its tiny print at the bottom of the screen:  odds are you won’… Continue reading

Healthy Eating: Interpreting Food & Health-Related Scientific Studies

…s regular attention to such studies, and feels somewhat lost as a result.  If you don’t want to take the time to read the whole article, consider this overview next time you wonder about whether you should take the results of a study to heart. The scientific process—how studies are designed, conducted, and reported—frequently generates a great deal of debate. Tracking the debate is often key to putting new research into context. With t… Continue reading

Short, High-Intensity Workouts: Are They For You?

…ort, intense workouts, but cautions about doing them regularly.  While small intense bursts of movement have their place within a well-rounded exercise menu, she agrees with the many researchers in the article, that long-term results are still questionable. “If you’re short on time, LynnAnn recommends completing a 10-minute workout before work and 10 minutes when you get home. Having SPRI Tubes and Dyna-bands, or even Green Mountain&#… Continue reading

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