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Invest In You This Fall

Fall Special: Free Room Upgrade!

Book Fall/Winter 2015 Stay by September 25
Fall at Green Mountain at Fox Run is a special time. Surrounded by spectacular beauty and away from the stressors of daily life, you’ll be inspired and supported to create healthier, more emotionally balanced connections with food, your body and yourself. We invite you to book your fall/winter 2015 stay and we’ll upgrade your room for free! Continue reading


Weekend Program: Mindfulness For Women Who Struggle With Weight

November 12-15, 2015
Join us for this one-time weekend intensive program and benefit from our 42 years of experience using the practice of mindfulness to help women who struggle with overeating, binge eating, emotional overeating, high blood pressure, PCOS, diabetes, lack of consistent exercise, feelings of food addiction, and more. Continue reading

vermont sustain the change program

Emotional and Binge Eating Intensive Weekend

December 3-6, 2015
Do you obsess about food and just wait until the next time you will be alone so you can eat? Do you feel compelled to eat certain foods while at the same time worry about how you will stop eating them? Stop the Madness! In one intensive weekend, you can change the way you think about food and leave with the confidence necessary to implement your personal plan for freedom. Continue reading


Emotional and Binge Eating Pathway℠ Series

Begins every week of regular program.
If you struggle with Emotional or Binge Eating, sometimes known as Compulsive Eating, we have a new series that’s just for you. One week during your stay, you’ll be immersed in a comprehensive curriculum that includes an innovative Mindfulness Evening program and small, interactive discussion groups that explore the latest discoveries in how to overcome Emotional and Binge Eating. Continue reading


Young Women’s Specialized Track

Begins every week of regular program.
We believe young women have been led astray with dieting schemes and bombarded with messages about how their bodies should look, and arbitrary numbers about what health means. At Green Mountain, young women focus on healthy living behaviors for creating lasting weight loss success. More than weight loss camp, you’ll learn how to change your thinking (and behaviors) about food, eating, exercise, body image and more. Special workshops on emotional and binge eating. Oh…and it’s fun too! Continue reading

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