Simply Sorbet

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Okay, it’s not really sorbet, but it is really simple! Just freeze your fruit of choice. Then blend with your favorite fruit juice, and voilà — a refreshing crowd-pleasing dessert. The combinations are endless; here are two of our favorites below.

As summer builds to its peak, fruits are tasty and plentiful. Freeze extra now so you can enjoy this tasty treat year round.

(Makes about 6 servings)

Strawberry, Peach & Mango Juice
2 cups sliced frozen strawberries
1 cup sliced or chopped frozen peaches
1cup mango juice

Put ingredients in a blender and puree until fruit mixture has the consistency of a soft sorbet. Scoop into serving dishes, garnish with a sprig of mint and serve immediately.

Raspberry, Banana & Tart Cherry Juice
2 cups of frozen raspberries
1 cup sliced frozen banana (about 1 large banana)
1 cup tart cherry juice

Follow directions above. To freeze bananas, slice, spread out on a pan, sprinkle with lemon juice to keep them from turning brown, and freeze.

Ever heard of tart cherry juice? It’s rich in antioxidants, like the Amazon berries we’ve been hearing so much about lately. And tart cherries are grown in the U.S.!