Fresh Peach Salsa

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Easy Peachy Summer Recipe

peachsalsaIt’s summertime and that means plenty of fresh peaches. This year, they seem especially tasty. Here’s a new way to feature this sweet, juicy fruit — Peach Salsa. Pair it with a simple grilled chicken, meat or fish, and you not only have a very impressive entrée, you have one that’s a snap to make.

Peach Salsa Served Over Fish

We show it (above-right) with a grilled sea bass (brush fish with a little olive oil and lime juice and grill) and (below) with cherry tomatoes over halibut. This salsa recipe is a variation of the Cantaloupe-Pineapple Salsa recipe found in our Recipes for Living Cookbook. [amd-zlrecipe-recipe:31]

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