A Typical Day of Healthy Living Immersion

Our behavior, fitness, and nutrition offerings are designed to complement and reinforce each other. Each week, new topics are introduced to provide deeper insights and practical strategies for motivation, lasting change and integrated health.

Will I Fit In and Be Able to Keep Up?

Women of all ages, sizes and fitness levels can participate fully in our program and we encourage our guests to make the most of the opportunities during their stay. We offer extensive fitness modification with enough variety to keep you feeling challenged and inspired.  You’ll experience a day filled with education, skill-building, practice and fun.

weight loss fitness program for women

7:00 am FITNESS Tai Chi Morning Momentum
8:00 am BREAKFAST (see recipes) (see recipes)
8:45 am FITNESS Exercise for Every Body
Short Loop Walk
Exercise Modifications
Okemo Hill Walk
Cardio Intervals
9:45 am WORKSHOP/
Principles of Intuitive Eating
Re-Defining Healthy Eating
Cardio on the Fitball
Are You Addicted To Food?
Becoming An Intrinsic Exerciser
Tabata Circuit
11:00 am FITNESS Lower Body Strength
Green Mountain Express ™
Low Impact Aerobics
Advanced Lower Body Strength
Power Fitball
12:00 pm LUNCH Mindful Eating Practice (optional) Mindful Eating Practice
1:00 pm WORKSHOP/
Designing Your Personal Eating Plan
Managing Emotional Overeating
Vermonting Walk
GreenMountain’s  Option™ Approach
Changing Body Image
Snowshoeing Intervals
2:15 pm FITNESS Aquatics – Weightless Workout
Stretch & Relax
Hike Up Vista Trail
Zumba Dance
3:15 pm SNACK (see recipes) (see recipes)
3:45 pm WORKSHOP/
Relapse Prevention Strategies
Managing Binge Eating
Upper Body Resistance Training
Overcoming Exercise Obstacles
Managing Binge Eating
5:00 pm CONSULTS/
Gentle Yoga
Nutrition & Behavior Consults
Personal Training Sessions
Fitness Center
Gentle Yoga
Nutrition & Behavior Consults
Personal Training Sessions
Fitness Center
6:00 pm DINNER (see recipes) (see recipes)
7:00 pm WORKSHOP Open Studio -Pottery/Crafts
Cooking Class
Behavior Consults
Open Studio -Pottery/Crafts
Cooking Class
Behavior Consults

Modifications for Fitness Level, Medical and Dietary Needs

Whether you’re someone who hasn’t exercised in years, never exercised at all, or is already on her way, we’ll meet you where you are.

Our goal is to offer you a personalized experience that meets you where you are and to send you home with a Green Mountain toolkit that maximizes your potential for lasting success.

Our expertly designed fitness program can vastly improve, or in some cases, simply maintain your fitness level, no matter where you are on the fitness spectrum. If you have medical, orthopedic, age-associated concerns or needs, we can provide modifications to your program. Special dietary needs/preferences, including vegetarianism, vegan, Kosher or gluten-free and more can be provided.

Believe in the Possibility of Lasting Change
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