College Weight Gain Quiz

Answer the following questions and keep track of your answers:

1.  Do you have a hard time making healthy choices at restaurants or in the dining hall?

2.  Do you eat when you’re bored or stressed?

3.  Do you worry that drinking is negatively affecting your weight?

4.  Does eating out throw a wrench in your plans to stay healthy?

5.  Do you dread spring break because it means getting into a bathing suit?

6.  Do you frequently skip meals because you’re trying to lose weight?

7.  Do you forbid yourself certain “bad” foods?

8.  Do you hate shopping for clothes?

9.  Would you like to learn how to manage your weight?

10. Do you and your parents fight about your eating or your weight?

11. Do you frequently compare your body size to your friends’ body sizes?

12. Do you often eat until you’re uncomfortably full?

13. Do you believe that once you “get thin” life will be great?

14. Do you avoid participating in things you like to do because you’re ashamed of your body?

Did you answer “yes” to several of these questions?

Many young women can relate to at least five of the issues presented above.

More importantly, think about how much impact the questions you answered ‘yes’ to have on your life. If the impact is great, our all-women’s program can help you get focused on making the healthy changes you want to see in your life.

For Moms & Dads:

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