Young Women’s Program

Dieting Makes You Thin & Other White Lies…

A Young Woman’s Solution for Successful Weight Loss

If you’ve been on one long diet for what seems like most of your life, you’re not alone. The average age girls start dieting is 8 years old. But even if you started dieting at an older age… does it feel like it’s not working?  That you just keep gaining weight instead of going in the direction you want?

Are you frustrated with yourself because you feel like if you just tried a little harder or had more willpower, you’d finally lose weight?

Dieting is making you fatter.

Think about it – the longer you’ve been on diets, the harder it is to lose weight and keep it off. It’s not a coincidence!

When you “cut back” what you eat and repeatedly don’t eat when you’re hungry, your body fights back by releasing a hunger hormone, which often leads to even more intense feelings of hunger and overeating.

So, what does this mean?

It means that if you don’t eat when you’re hungry, you’ve actually set the stage for weight gain. And you increase your risk for emotional eating, compulsive eating and binge eating. This wasn’t quite your intent, was it?

We believe young women have been led astray with dieting schemes, messages about what your bodies should look like, and arbitrary numbers about what health means.

Green Mountain’s Young Women’s Program

We Show You Solutions:

  • How eating too much and eating too little drives weight gain to say nothing of the emotional fallout.
  • How to quiet the noise around “good” and “bad” foods and stay healthy without depriving yourself.
  • How to get to a better place with food, your body and yourself.
  • How to stop putting your life on hold “until….”

Our Weight Loss Practice and Experience:

  • Classes that address key issues for college-aged women such as eating in restaurants, tackling chaotic eating (meal skipping, getting too hungry), food cravings, cooking classes and changing your relationship with food.
  • An exceptional behavioral program dealing with binge and emotional eating, body image issues and the unique stresses that young women face.
  • A wide variety of physical activity, with modifications offered depending on your level of fitness.
  • One of our professional staff members who will guide you to help you get what you need from our program.
  • An experienced professional and credentialed staff, with years of weight/lifestyle management and behavioral experience, who lead all workshops.
  • Being in Vermont… makes it even more special!

Give Yourself Time to Find a Long-Term Solution

This time it will be different. This time it will work. Consider a long-term solution to your weight concerns, not just another diet, weight loss camp or spa.

Dieting is the problem, not the solution. We can help.
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