Young Women’s Program

“I’m so uncomfortable in my body… I spend a lot of my day obsessing about my weight and food.”
“Food is my go-to when I feel lonely, stressed, overwhelmed. It’s how I get through school – and life – right now.”
“I feel caught in a cycle of overeating and then hating myself. But it doesn’t stop me from going back to food again to cope.”

For college-age women, life can seem like a pressure cooker, a time of transition and uncertainty, magnified by the feeling that everything needs to be “figured out” now.

A Young Woman’s Solution for Healthy Weight Loss

Young Women's Weight Management ProgramYoung women have been led astray with dieting schemes, messages about what their bodies should look like, and arbitrary numbers about what health means.

Fact: Dieting makes you gain, not lose weight. Think about it – the longer you’ve been on diets, the harder it is to lose weight and keep it off. It’s not a coincidence!

We Provide Proven Solutions

In our safe, supportive environment with no judgment or pressure, young women discover and practice how to:

check mark Redefine healthy eating so that it’s something she actually wants and can do 

check mark Navigate life transitions without feeling overwhelmed, and without turning to food for comfort

check mark Develop a healthy relationship with her body – to feel confident and achieve her healthy weight

check mark Live a life free of restrictive dieting, bingeing and emotional overeating

check mark  Make fitness an enjoyable part of her life

check mark Manage stress in relationships so that her needs are met and she can support herself

check mark  Build supportive relationships with other young women who share her struggles

Our young women’s program includes all the benefits of our weekly Healthy Weight Management Program, which includes meals, lodging, fitness and educational workshops. They’ll also participate in classes that address key issues for college-aged women, including a support group and opportunities for young women to come together in a safe, judgement-free environment.

jacki blog“How I feel and act today still astonishes those around me who loved me through my hard times and see me succeeding now. I’m unsure how I would have or if I could have changed my life without Green Mountain… Now, I am a 23-year-old woman who has found the strength to love herself more than her bond with food.” Read More >
~ Jacki Monaco, Los Angeles

Our Weight Loss Practice and Experience

As part of the program, participants attend our regular healthy weight management program, which includes:

  • An exceptional behavioral program dealing with binge and emotional eating, body image issues and the unique stressors that young women face.
  • A wide variety of exercise classes, with modifications offered depending on the participant’s level of fitness.
  • A fundamental nutrition program, providing participants with strategies to normalize their eating habits in a way that can be incorporated into their lifestyle at home.

Change Your Life: Find a Permanent Solution to Weight Struggles

This time it will be different. This time it will work. We help women establish a long-term healthy lifestyle to overcome weight struggles once and for all.

Dieting is the problem, not the solution. We can help.
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