Binge Eating

You feel out of control, defeated, depressed… those of us who binge eat can easily identify with these feelings. Just the thought of being around certain foods can make us anxious, and we have trouble focusing on what matters most to us.

You’re not alone. Binge eating is the most common eating disorder.

Binge Eating Disorder Often Goes Unrecognized by Professionals

Binge EatingMany women looking to control their weight are simply told to reduce their caloric intake. This oversimplified solution fails to recognize the emotions and feelings of helplessness behind the disorder. In their countless efforts to “stop eating so much,” many women fail and fail again, feeling like a “loser” in all ways but weight loss.

We Understand the Triggers and Emotions Behind Binge Eating

Here in our supportive environment, you can develop and practice healthy attitudes and behaviors about food, your body and yourself. This is the first step toward overcoming binge eating and adding balance to your life.

You Can Transform Your Life at Green Mountain at Fox Run

Learn how Rita, who addressed her years of binge eating and subsequent weight gain in our program, lost weight and overcame her struggle with food, poor self-esteem and body image.

A mother with two teenage daughters, Rita’s binge eating and weight loss success story is testimony to learning how to eat what you want and take care of yourself.
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Our Approach to Managing Binge Eating

We’ve spent the last four decades creating strategies to help women overcome binge eating disorder within our healthy weight loss program. 40 years ago, Green Mountain pioneered the first program to help women learn how to stop binge eating and emotional eating and achieve healthy weights with our integrated health model and healthy living immersion.

Start to think differently about food and eating

Give up notions of good and bad foods that can trigger binge eating

Establish a regular eating pattern

Eat regular, well-balanced meals to keep you from getting too hungry

Identify the reasons why you eat emotionally

Develop an extensive toolkit of binge-stopping techniques to use when difficult situations arise

Practice eating trigger foods in our safe environment

Feel secure under the guidance of our caring, skilled professionals

Stop dieting for good

Avoid deprivation caused by dieting – a common trigger for binge eating

Find joy in moving your body

Feel good and stay motivated to treat yourself well

Develop a support network

Sustain your changes when you when you return home with the support of caring professionals and like-minded women

Now is the time to learn how to stop binge eating.
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