Beyond Weight Loss Diets

Healthy Eating For Women

You know deep down that restrictive eating and calorie counting just don’t work for long-term healthy weights.  Sooner or later your internal voice shouts, “I give up.”  Still you try time and time again, each time convinced that “this time” it will work.  But it doesn’t because it doesn’t address the real problems.

Our Normal Eating Restructuring Program™

Learn to eat normally again in response to your body’s natural hunger and satiety signals. Imagine if you weren’t hungry all the time, you could eat the foods you like, and you were happily living a life free of weight worries.

A Healthy Eating Plan Designed with Your “Real Life” in Mind

Based on eating a wide variety of nutritious foods that are enjoyable and satisfying, our healthy eating plan can be incorporated into your lifestyle at home. Nutritional Weight Loss Programs You’ll be amazed how eating an enjoyable and healthy meal at regular intervals can help you both sidestep poor choices and select foods that make you feel good. You’ll learn how body chemistry affects eating and how to feed yourself well in our workshops on Becoming a Skillful Eater, Redefining Healthy Eating and Healing with Food.

Video: Addressing Overeating

Become an Intuitive Eater with Practice

We teach you mindful eating, which is the technique that guides you in using your internal cues to make decisions about when and what to eat. It involves choice, freedom and flexibility and is anything but boring and bland.

Our Healthy Weight Loss Menus Cater to Many Needs

Our chefs’ healthy weight loss menus are balanced and delicious.  You can enjoy meals like Grilled Flank Steak with Roasted Sweet Potato or Sweet & Smoky Roasted Chicken with Wild Rice and Chocolate Zucchini Cake for dessert. We can accommodate most special dietary needs (additional fees may apply).

Our basic meal plan is a good starting point for managing blood sugar levels, heart health, metabolic syndrome, PCOS, and varying levels of physical activity.  Green Mountain at Fox Run is a member of the Vermont Fresh Network and strives to use as much local, fresh, organic and whole foods as possible.

Believe in the Possibility of Lasting Change
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