Our Fitness Program For Women

Exercise Options for All Abilities and Bodies

When you think about physical activity, do you think “not fun”?  Then why do kids seem to like it? 

Kids like it because they don’t think “exercise.”  They think “fun” and that’s what they have when they do it.  At Green Mountain at Fox Run, you’ll learn where all the fun went and reconnect with that kid in you.

Enjoy Moving Again

No matter what your level of physical conditioning you’ll be able to participate in our weight loss fitness program and experience the joy of moving your body again.  We provide a safe and supportive environment for you to explore a variety of fitness activities every day.

Activities for All Levels

Whether it’s swimming, dance, Zumba, or just taking a walk in our lovely surroundings, you can feel the thrill of first time accomplishment and improved physical conditioning.  If you are more advanced, you won’t go unchallenged.  Our fitness instructors help you set goals and provide a challenging fitness experience for everyone.

Wake-up with our Morning Momentum™ and you’ll be ready for a day filled with educational workshops, fun activity and the supportive company of like-minded women.

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In Our Fitness Program, You Can Expect To:

  • weight loss fitness program for womenLearn from credentialed fitness experts in exercise science, aerobics, strength training and flexibility.
  • Choose from a variety of fitness activities every day from cardiovascular exercise, resistance training (weight training) to flexibility (stretching) classes.
  • Learn exercise modification for orthopedic complications or other medical conditions, if needed.
  • Leave with a planned fitness program geared to your abilities and goals that will fit into your busy life at home.
Believe in the Possibility of Change

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