Overcoming Emotional Eating

Emotional Eating Help

After years of putting their lives on hold, many women arrive at Green Mountain feeling stuck, discouraged and hopeless. We believe women have much to contribute to the world and that their worries about eating and weight significantly distract them from achieving their potential.

We teach strategies to help you start living and taking care of yourself NOW.

Emotional EatingCreate the Life You Want to Live

Through our holistic approach, we help you create a foundation of self-care, which makes the big difference in creating and supporting long term, meaningful change.

Address the Real Issues Behind Your Body and Weight Struggles

Our caring and professional staff creates a safe and supportive place in which you can explore and resolve issues with your body and your weight.

Our Unique Emphasis: the Whole Woman – Body, Mind, Emotions and Spirit

More than nutritional information and exercise guidelines, we invite exploration of eating and exercise behaviors, to help you understand why you eat when you’re not hungry, what keeps you on the couch when you know you need to exercise, and what fuels your negative self-talk.

Behavioral Program: Connect Your Head to Your Heart

Stress Management

Address one of the most important predictors of successful long term weight management. Unravel the destructive web stress throws over your mind, body and relationships and spirit.

Educational Workshops

Through educational workshops like Nurturing the Whole Self and Limits and Boundaries, or practice sessions like Connecting to the Breath and Progressive Muscle Relaxation, you will learn to identify and address the sources of stress in your life.   You will attend to the thoughts and judgments that create tension in your body and mind, and practice techniques to create pockets of calm within the swirl of your life.

Body Image Series

In sessions (including Messages from the Past and Being in the Body), we’ll use group processes and experiential modalities to move toward appreciation of what our bodies can do.

  • Change the self-defeating cycle of body hatred
  • Explore your negative self-talk, which leads to painful feelings and hurtful actions.
  • Discover which events prompt self-judgment
  • Practice simple and powerful strategies to enhance your self-care.

Emotional Eating and Binge Eating Series

Emotional eating, compulsive eating, and binge eating (the most common eating disorder) can leave you feeling guilty, depressed and out-of-control. In classes such as Overcoming Emotional Eating, Binge Beliefs, and Strategies for Stopping a Binge, we’ll help you to:

  • Identify issues around out-of-control eating head-on
  • Connect to your feelings
  • Identify triggers for the bingeing
  • Formulate real and practical solutions.

As you resolve issues around emotional eating, compulsive overeating or bingeing, you’ll gain a sense of hopefulness and possibility for a new, healthier relationship with food.

We believe women have the right to be happy, regardless of their weight.

At Green Mountain you’ll reconnect with those parts of yourself that you have lost and find the hope, joy and possibility of stepping into the life you want.

Believe in the Possibility of Change

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