Healthy Weight Loss Program For Women

Despite what you may believe about your ability to lose weight from past diets, the truth is, it takes tremendous effort to fight your body’s nature and restrict yourself from food or to exercise just for the sake of burning calories. Diets are simply not sustainable.

At Green Mountain, we help you find your healthy weight by learning how to eat what you want in a way that makes you feel well, move your body for pleasure and well-being, begin to change negative body image, and manage other stress that may send you to food when you’re not hungry. Our program helps you overcome the attitudes and behaviors that get in your way, including struggles with emotional and binge eating.

A Non-Diet Weight Loss Retreat That Helps Women Find Peace With Food, Body and Self

Our healthy weight loss program for women shows you how to unravel the complex relationship among food, emotions, body image and behavior so that your body can start working for you, not against you. You’ll enjoy:

  • A Personal Health Assessment
  • Workshops and support groups facilitated by full-time psychologists and registered dietitians (samples below)
  • Balanced Chef Prepared Meals and Culinary Cooking Demonstrations
  • Fitness classes, strength training, and outdoor activities which can be modified to accommodate all levels and body sizes
  • 24 Hour access to fitness facilities

Are you a Young Woman or College Student? We offer tailored support in our Young Women’s Program >>

Integrated Health Workshops in Behavior, Nutrition and Fitness

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Believe in the Possibility of Lasting Change
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