Fighting the Freshman 15

Is it real, does it really exist? Or is this just an excuse of for the chaotic and mindless eating so commonly found in college aged women? Introduce yourself to a livable and sustainable way to feed yourself, healthfully. No more calorie counting, grams of carbs or fats or adding up points. The end of dieting freshman-15

Which Exercise is Best for Healthy Weight Loss Podcast

‘The best exercise in the world is the one you like.’ Alan Wayler, PhD, Executive Director. And the one you like is the one you’ll do. For a different take on exercise/fitness, we can help you move from a ‘should’ to a ‘want to.’ healthy-weight-loss

Overcoming Exercise Fears: Yes, You Can Podcast

Getting unstuck. No more limits and boundaries. Listen to Green Mountain’s LynnAnn Covell and break-through the ‘buts’ and ‘I can’t’ excuses standing in the way of getting healthy, fit and feeling great. overcoming-exercise-fears