Introducing Elesa Commerse

ElesaTNElesa Commerse, founder of National Meditation Month and co-founder and director of Touching Earth, a Chicago-based mindfulness learning center.

Elesa has been teaching since 1977 and has been meditating for as long as she can remember (even though she didn’t call it that). Students appreciate her ability to demystify the practice and to facilitate breakthrough experiences on the journey to authenticity.   She has completed several trainings in yoga and holds two certificates in advanced yoga studies. She is also a licensed SoulCollage® facilitator.

She is the creator, director and executive producer of “Finding Your Way,” the comprehensive learning system that helps alleviate suffering amongst women newly diagnosed with breast cancer. She has also produced numerous meditation and sacred chanting CDs that are used in yoga teacher training programs nationwide.

Elesa holds an MBA from the Wharton School,  University of Pennsylvania and an undergraduate degree in Psychology, Phi Beta Kappa, Smith College.

What people say about Elesa:

“Elesa Commerse teaches from a place of deep acceptance that, for all her students, offers a profound healing. Her teachings are steeped in loving kindness and generosity. Her language, sensitivity, chanting and poetry touch places in our being that are so hard to reach, they nourish the innermost chambers of the heart.”

~ Tias Little, author of The Thread of Breath, River Flow,
Meditations on a Dewdrop and Freeing the Bird of Prana

“My heart opened…I…became more of who I am meant to be.”
                                        ~ Kate M., Santa Fe, New Mexico

“I am simply so very grateful for this most wonderful opportunity to meet you and work with you this week — a most welcome surprise…your voice and presence feel magical to me! I was able to settle in and be present and calm in a way I had never before been able to reach…a letting go and coming to at the same time. Thank you. Thank you.”

~ Lisa C., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania