How’s Your Eating Plan Working?

Remember the class “Designing Your Personal Eating Plan” where you developed three eating strategies to work on at home? This may be a good point to pull out your Green Mountain at Fox Run notebook and review your plan in the Nutrition section on page 18. We don’t anticipate that people will implement all three strategies included in their Personal Eating Plan by week one, but after week two, we hope you have been able to work on at least one.

Have you implemented any of these strategies at this point? If so, how are they working for you? Are you running into obstacles that warrant tweaking your strategies? If you have not begun practicing any of your strategies, then it’s time to identify one that you are willing to start with. Consider setting a goal of implementing this strategy by the end of this month.

Remember that you do not need to implement all three strategies in your Personal Eating Plan at one time. It may be easier to work on one at a time. Each strategy may have many different elements; just implementing part of your strategy may be enough to make an improvement.

Example: Reducing nighttime eating in front of the television.

  • Cut back on TV watching since this is a trigger for habit-based cravings.
  • When watching television, use the TV in the bedroom where you are not used to eating.
  • Brush your teeth immediately after dinner to discourage beginning to snack shortly after that meal is over.
  • Work on activities that keep your hands busy while watching television (crochet, crosswords, painting nails, etc.).
  • Ask family members not to bring food into the living room. See our last email for a letter of support that may help convince family members to help you like this.
  • Set a regular snack time for after dinner if you think you will be physically hungry.
  • Eat your evening snack in kitchen or dining room, not in front of the television.

Obviously there are many pieces to this strategy, each of which could be implemented at different times. Implementing any of them will most likely be an improvement and starting with one at a time may be easier than doing all at once.

What goal are you going to work on? What strategies might help you get there?