The Best of the 22nd Annual Healthy Weight Week

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Changing the Conversation Around Health and Weight

Healthy Weight Week, which started 22 years ago, serves to help people understand that health really isn’t about a number – on the scale or otherwise – and to encourage people to stop dieting and pursue livable and sustainable healthy lifestyles through eating well, living actively and feeling good about themselves. Subscribe to our newsletter for updates about healthy living without dieting.

1How to Support Women Who Struggle With Weight

supporting me meansThis blog post & infographic were the most popular media from this year’s Healthy Weight Week, encouraging friends and family members to truly support loved ones who struggle with eating and weight.

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2Mindful Eating Infographic

This infographic really breaks down mindful eating by understanding Head Hunger, Heart Hunger & Body Hunger to make thoughtful and intentional choices.

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3Healthy Eating Exercises

10 healthy eating exercises10 healthy eating practices that really do make a difference by helping women to eat mindfully and develop a relationship with food and eating that truly supports our health.

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4Don’t Try Harder, Try Different Meme

dont try harder try different meme

Share the inspirational meme from ‘Let Go of Dieting Day’ made from an approach used by our Program Director, Erin Risius.

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5Neuroscience of Change: Why We Fall Off Diets Webinar

neuroscience of diet failure

Watch the taped recording or view the slides from this popular & informative webinar discussing how the brain is to blame for making change difficult, and why diets simply don’t work.

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6The Scale Can Do More Harm Than Good Infographic

scale infographic healthy weight week

Share the inspirational meme from ‘Let Go of Dieting Day’ made from an approach used by our Program Director, Erin Risius.

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Healthy Weight Week – Full 2015 Schedule

Healthy Weight Week is an educational event to help change public perception that weight determines health and that dieting is a viable health solution.

Dieting has led women astray by making their struggles with weight worse, negatively affecting their health, and keeping them from living the lives they want. Healthy Weight Week encourages women to improve health habits in lasting ways by eating well without dieting, living actively and feeling good about themselves and others.

Announcing the 2014 Slim Chance Award Winners

The Slim Chance Awards expose the most misguided claims made each year in the weight loss field, as determined by an independent panel of weight management experts.  The awards were designed to build awareness around the futility and dangers associated with popular diet schemes. Some of the past winners dating back to 1989 include a laser lamp that melts fat, thigh cream, skin patches, cleanses, slippers and foot pads, and even media personalities and television networks.

Our esteemed panel of experts – Dr. Susan Albers; Katja Rowell, MD; Rebecca Scritchfield, RD, and weight stigma prevention advocate Lizabeth Wesely-Casella — selected the 2014 Slim Chance Award winners from the nominations.

Worst Weight Loss Approach: Meal Replacement & Food Supplement Plans

meal replacement - slim chance awardsMeal replacement and food supplement plans substitute packaged foods, shakes and other supplements for foods a person usually eats.

“People are drawn to meal replacement plans because it takes away the need to decide what to eat, grocery shop, and prepare your own food, which sounds helpful. In reality, these programs are expensive, you give up control over the quality of food, and it takes the pleasure out of eating. It’s hard to participate in a social life when you’re on a meal replace
ment plan,” say panel member Rebecca Scritchfield, RDN, who runs a weight neutral counseling practice in Washington, DC. “Instead, see the time you spend shopping and preparing food as an investment in yourself. Discover balanced meals you will enjoy eating mindfully.”

Most Overrated Weight Loss Approach: Point- & Calorie-Counting Systems

calories-countThese systems specify the number of calories (which is what points are based on) a person should eat each day.

“If these kinds of plans seem appealing to you, ask yourself why, says Scritchfield. “They provide a structure to follow and allow “real food,” but they get in your way by distracting you from a real potential issue, why you’re eating in the first place.”

Most Outrageous Approach: BMI Report Cards

bmi report card - slim chance awardsIn an attempt to identify children who are at risk for weight-related problems, many schools sent home BMI report cards in 2014, informing parents of where their children rank on the controversial body mass index (BMI).

“There is no good evidence that BMI report cards help children become healthier or happier,” says panel member Katja Rowell, MD, childhood feeding specialist. “And there is growing concern that these reports, most often delivered with inappropriate advice to restrict intake, do more harm than good.”

Worst Gimmick: Dr. Oz “Too Crazy to Be True” Recommendations

dr oz - slim chance awardsThe subject of a Senate inquiry, Dr. Oz was also singled out in a study in the British Medical Journal that suggested over half of the recommendations on his show were not supported by science.

“Desperate men and women (children included) spend nearly $65 billion a year in diet-related commerce and the reality is, most people experience weight gain and a reduction in health. And it supports an industry that contributes to the myth that thinner people are better and more valuable – which is not the case,” says panel member Lizabeth Wesley-Casella, weight stigma prevention advocate.