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Healthy Weight Week is an educational event to help change public perception that weight determines health and that dieting is a viable health solution. Dieting has led women astray by making their struggles with weight worse, negatively affecting their health, and keeping them from living the lives they want. Healthy Weight Week encourages women to improve health habits in lasting ways by eating well without dieting, living actively and feeling good about themselves and others.
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Top 35 Healthy Weight Blogs

To celebrate Healthy Weight Week, we have searched the Internet high and low for the best of the best “healthy weight” blogs that are changing the conversation from weight to health and we’re proud to present the top 35.

From registered dietitians to former dieters to those who are still finding their non-diet footing, each of these blogs has a unique voice and viewpoint that can also help you.

Shifting the Focus from Weight Loss to Health

“The pursuit of weight loss has become an obsession in this country,” said Marsha Hudnall, MS, RDN, co-owner and president of Green Mountain. “And that’s independent of whether a person could be considered fat.”

“For example, studies repeatedly show young children and teens are afraid of becoming fat, and engage in restricted eating and other practices to prevent it. Unfortunately, these practices end up causing weight gain, eating disorders, and poor health.”

“The solution,” Hudnall asserts, “is to change the focus from weight to health, and support people in living healthy, happy and fulfilled lives.”

Why The Scale Can Do More Harm Than Good

Why The Scale Can Do More Harm Than Good
View our helpful infographic to see why weighing yourself on the scale can set you up for overeating and weight gain. See the sidebar for Tips to Find Your Healthy Weight.

Announcing the 2013 Slim Chance Award Winners

The Slim Chance Awards expose the most outlandish and misleading claims made each year in the weight loss field and build awareness around the dangers of chronic dieting. Our panel of independent judges announced today it has selected the worst weight loss schemes of 2013.

Worst Weight Loss Plan: The Special K ChallengeTM

Worst Weight Loss Plan: The Special K ChallengeTM

Kellogg’s Special K Challenge claims that by replacing two meals a day with Special K products, including cereals, protein shakes and protein meal bars, a weight loss of up to 6 pounds in 14 days will occur.

Most Overrated: Non-Invasive Body Contouring Procedures

Most Overrated: Non-Invasive Body Contouring Procedures

The latest technologies, from ultrasound to freezing fat, are marketed to treat “problem areas.” Also known as liposuction lasers, non-surgical fat reduction, or non-invasive fat removal, treatments can cost thousands of dollars per area, are recommended only for people who are at a “normal weight,” and produce incredibly varied results.

Most Outrageous: Cotton Ball Diet

Most Outrageous Diets: Cotton Ball Diet

The Cotton Ball Diet started popping up on YouTube earlier in 2013, unveiling a disturbing fad diet most popular among young women. Dieters dip cotton balls in juice and ingest them so as to feel full without actually consuming real food. Risks include a blockage in the digestive system, which could result in surgery.

Worst Gimmick: The Tongue Patch Diet

Worst Gimmick Diet: The Tongue Patch Diet

In this reversible procedure a plastic mesh patch is fitted to the patient’s tongue. The purpose is to make chewing extremely painful, thus limiting the dieter to only liquid. Users have reported up to 20 lbs. of weight loss in a month.

About Healthy Weight Week

The next Healthy Weight Week is January 19-23, 2015. In addition to the Slim Chance Awards, the week features:

  • The Healthy Body Image Award, given to one winner who has made strides in helping people accept their bodies and adopt a healthy lifestyle.
  • The Healthy Weight Blogger Awards, given to bloggers who support people finding their healthy weights and giving up dieting.
  • One winner of a free week at Green Mountain will be announced from their “diet story” submission.

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