Our Food Philosophy and Healthy Weight Loss Menu

When you dine at Green Mountain, you’ll do more than just enjoy healthy and delicious cuisine because we view our dining room as one of our classrooms.

Relearn how to eat without the pressure and constraints of diet rules.

Redefine Your Relationship with Food

At meals you can apply what you’ve learned in our workshops about your relationship to food, and practice new behaviors that support your efforts to achieve and maintain permanent weight loss.

Enjoy Socializing and Experience Mindful Eating

Getting to know other fun and interesting women who are seeking a different way to approach weight loss is just one part the dining experience.  You’ll also have opportunities to explore mindful eating.  Many of our participants are amazed at how this technique enhances their ability to:

  • Recognize the internal cues that will guide them in eating well
  • Feel how regular, balanced eating supports well-being
  • Eat all types of food without overeating


Proud Member of the Vermont Fresh Network

Green Mountain at Fox Run uses locally produced food products, including Vermont Grass-fed poultry, grass-fed beef and organic foods.

Feel Satisfied, Not Deprived

Undereating is actually a major contributor to weight gain and disordered eating. There are no 1,200 calorie meal plans here – they  can suppress a woman’s metabolism. Our satisfying menus are designed to prevent the deprivation-overeating cycle that diets often cause.

Reconnect with Your Body’s Hunger and Satiety Signals

We celebrate eating delicious food – and desserts – every day, not just once a week or if you’ve “been good.” By learning how to listen to and trust your body’s signals, you’ll still be able eat foods you enjoy while reaching your health and weight management goals.

Believe in the Possibility of Change

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