Coping with and Managing Food Cravings

Is a morning without orange juice and coffee unthinkable? Can you eat just one cookie, or do they keep calling from the cupboard until they’re all gone? Do you sometimes feel an overwhelming urge to crunch that only chips, not apples, will satisfy? For most of us, forgoing favorite foods at certain times is not only unthinkable, it seems beyond […] Read more »


Diets Don’t Work: Rediscover the Joy of Eating

Reasons Why Diets Take the Joy Out of Eating Diets don’t work because we: Study the “allowed” foods list. Most of our favorite foods aren’t included. We remove them from our homes. Develop a menu based on the allowed foods, featuring the healthiest choices, even if we hate them. Go shopping, spending extra hours searching for unfamiliar foods and making […] Read more »

Carrot Cake Recipe

Do Low Carbohydrate Diets Lead to Weight Loss Success?

So your neighbor, office mate, best friend, whoever just lost 10 pounds in only two weeks following the latest in high protein lowcarbohydrate diets. And now you’re thinking you should give it a go — have even started the search for high protein low carbohydrate recipes? True, high protein low carb diets seem to be leading many people to weight loss […] Read more »


Do You Need to Go Gluten Free?

If we had to pick one trend in healthy eating that seems to be showing up almost everywhere we look, it would be gluten-free eating. From popular books, magazines and websites to grocery-store shelves and restaurant menus, it seems everyone is jumping on the gluten-free bandwagon. If we had to choose a reason, it would be the notion that cutting […] Read more »


Eating Well Recession Style

Healthy eating on a budget is possible and tasty, regardless of whether the economy is up or down. Myth: It’s expensive to eat well. Fact: Not if you buy smart.   Consider these tips to help you eat well while on a budget. You may find managing your grocery bill actually helps improve your eating habits. Planning ahead to eat well helps […] Read more »

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