When Body Positivity Feels Impossible

When we have talked negatively to ourselves for years, decades even, being body positive all of a sudden or accepting our body “as is” feels phony, far-fetched, or like it’s settling. In addition, our culture supports women fixating on what’s “wrong” with our appearance… our weight, our wrinkles, our waves… there are diets, creams and straightening irons to fix all […] Read more »


Carbohydrate Cravings: Calming Food Cravings

When we think carbohydrate-rich, we don’t generally think of watermelon, carrots, beets, peaches, cherries, and the like. But according to some popular diet books, those foods are off limits if we want to reach a healthy weight. In truth, that advice causes many of us (specifically the diet traumatized, who are the greater percentage of people who try such diets) […] Read more »

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Clean Eating: Just Another Weight-Loss Diet Fad?

One of today’s diet buzzwords is “clean eating.” How do you define it? Is it just another diet that classifies foods as “good” or “bad”? Does it conjure up images of organic carrots, mung beans and plain brown rice? Is it another weight-loss diet fad that will go out of favor in a few months? What is Clean Eating? The […] Read more »


Coping with and Managing Food Cravings

Is a morning without orange juice and coffee unthinkable? Can you eat just one cookie, or do they keep calling from the cupboard until they’re all gone? Do you sometimes feel an overwhelming urge to crunch that only chips, not apples, will satisfy? For most of us, forgoing favorite foods at certain times is not only unthinkable, it seems beyond […] Read more »


Diets Don’t Work: Rediscover the Joy of Eating

Reasons Why Diets Take the Joy Out of Eating Diets don’t work because we: Study the “allowed” foods list. Most of our favorite foods aren’t included. We remove them from our homes. Develop a menu based on the allowed foods, featuring the healthiest choices, even if we hate them. Go shopping, spending extra hours searching for unfamiliar foods and making […] Read more »

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