Worrying About Your Weight Only Makes Things Worse

To Reach Your Healthy Weight, Fuhgeddaboudit… It’s one of the paradoxes of the age. To reach your healthy weight, you best forget about your weight – especially the numbers associated with it. The Truth about the BMI Experts in this area acknowledge that judging a person’s health on the basis of the BMI is highly flawed. A review of 97 […] Read more »

Why Quick Weight Loss Boot Camps Don’t Work

Green Mountain at Fox Run can help you reach a healthy weight and stay there… when boot camps can’t. Here’s why: Humiliation and criticism don’t work as motivating tactics.  The underlying emotional stressors that contribute to and cause weight gain must be addressed. Focusing on body and mind is necessary for healthy, permanent weight loss. Extreme measures produce quick results but […] Read more »


Intrinsic Exercise: Learning to Love Physical Activity

Why is it that some people need to move? They seem to have this little voice within telling their bodies to get out there and walk or swim or bike. Why is it that others have to battle themselves everyday to exercise? They seem to have a little devil on their shoulder telling them that there’s something else more important […] Read more »

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Mindful Eating Strategies for Successful Weight Management

Exploring Mindful Eating for Successful Weight Management: When Are We Really Hungry for Food? What’s a first step in mindful eating (also called intuitive eating)? Getting in touch with feelings of true physical hunger. Sounds simple, but at first it may be hard. That’s because either due to dieting or chaotic patterns of eating, people often ignore physical hunger cues […] Read more »


Are You Addicted to Food?

As the subject gets more attention from the media and health professionals alike, many individuals self-diagnose themselves as food addicts. Just what is food addiction, and are you truly addicted to food? Defining Food Addiction In theory, we’re all addicted to food in a serious way. We can’t live without it. But the term “food addiction” implies a connection to […] Read more »

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