7 Mindful Dining Tips for Eating Out Healthfully

The prospect of going out for a meal conjures up pleasant images — ordering tasty food without having to cook it, enjoying it with friends and family, and not having to do the dishes! But these days, concern about the healthfulness of restaurant meals have many of us in a push-pull relationship with eating out. How can you maximize your […] Read more »


The Art of Being a Normal Eater

Which of the following women is a “normal” eater? To celebrate, Paula goes out to dinner after work and chooses her favorite:  fettucine alfredo. At a family picnic, Karen samples her aunt’s famous blueberry crisp, decides to have a slice, then goes back for more. Hungry for an evening snack, Ellen deliberates, then opts for oatmeal cookies and milk over […] Read more »


Eat What You Want to Prevent Overeating

You Can Prevent Overeating By Eating What You Want Yes, Virginia, you can manage your health and weight successfully and eat what you want. In fact, at Green Mountain at Fox Run, we firmly believe that eating what you want is a critical first step to putting an end to what for many of us has been a lifelong struggle […] Read more »


Fitness & Willpower: It’s Not You, It’s Your Approach

Keeping Your New Year’s Resolution Was “working out more” your New Year’s resolution? If so, you’re in good company. But are you set up to make this resolution stick? Because research shows that there is: A 50% chance that you will quit your exercise program by Valentine’s Day. A 70% chance you will quit by June 1st. A 90% chance […] Read more »

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5 Steps to Find Your Healthy Weight

How Do You Know if You’re at Your Healthy Weight? Free Teleconference Join Us Tuesday, August 19, to hear our president and co-owner Marsha Hudnall, MS, RDN, CD, talk about How to Find Your Healthy Weight., as part of The Center for Mindful Eating teleconference series. SEE DETAILS > A healthy weight is a person’s natural weight, one that is […] Read more »

5 steps to find your healthy weight
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