Permanent Weight Loss

5 Surprising Ways to Jump Start a Healthy Weight

While January is the month that screams ‘time to lose weight’ for many Americans, the drive to lose weight plagues us throughout the year. Spending more than $61 billion a year on diet books, diet foods, diet programs and other schemes “guaranteed” to take the weight off for good, Americans are being misled by the millions. Trying to Lose Weight […] Read more »

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When You Just Can’t Diet Anymore

As each new diet takes the nation by storm, we at Green Mountain sit and wait. We soon see an increasing number of women visit us who are struggling against weight gain and feelings of helplessness caused by their latest weight loss diet. High-Protein, Low-Carb Diets Persist More than just another fad, high-protein, low-carbohydrate diets currently approach phenomenon status. They […] Read more »

Alan Wayler

When Non-Dieting Doesn’t Seem to Work

Have you been here before? “When I first stopped dieting and started to follow my internal cues for eating, I felt a lot better, and a big bonus was that I lost a fair amount of weight. I don’t believe I was at my natural weight because of all the dieting I had done as well as my generally unhealthy […] Read more »

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Weight Loss Motivation: Redirect Your Focus for Permanent Change

When you’ve lost your drive it’s an incredibly frustrating feeling. Self criticism is our go-to reaction. But how we respond to losing sight of our motivation to get healthier is key to finding it again. Beating yourself up only pushes it further away. Discover it again with encouragement, kindness and counting successes. Think about it: Criticism doesn’t motivate How would you […] Read more »

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