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Carbohydrates & Insulin Resistance: FInding a Happy Medium

Over 40, apple-shaped (excess abdominal fat), struggling to lose weight but continuing to gain, battling high blood triglycerides, low HDLs (the good cholesterol) and high blood pressure. Do you recognize this woman? If it’s not you, you likely know someone who fits this description. It’s a profile that goes along with a condition called metabolic syndrome (formerly known as syndrome […] Read more »


Emotional Eating: Getting the Support We Need

Stopping Emotional Eating: Getting the Support We Need Julie thought she did most things ‘right’ when it came to eating and exercise. She chose healthy foods most of the time, thought she ate only when hungry most of the time, and got the recommended amount and kind of physical activity. So she was dumbfounded that her weight continued to fluctuate […] Read more »

girl eating ice cream

The Glycemic Index for Type 2 Diabetes & Weight Loss: The Next Diet Fad?

Move over low carbohydrate, here comes the next craze — the glycemic index. As attention to the Atkins and South Beach diets wanes, watch out for the next wave of diet books featuring the glycemic index. Indeed, just googling the term shows a variety of books already exist that promise health benefits, including type 2 diabetes control and the ever […] Read more »

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