Managing Medical Issues

Women, Calcium and Osteoporosis

Keeping up with Calcium So you’ve been trying to eat healthy for some time now. And getting enough calcium is something you know you should do. After all, women run four times the risk men do for osteoporosis, a disease that can set you up for brittle, broken bones later in life. And currently, over 20 million of us suffer […] Read more »


Carbohydrates and Insulin Resistance: Finding a Happy Medium

Over 40, apple-shaped (high amount of abdominal fat), struggling to lose weight but continuing to gain, battling high blood triglycerides, low HDLs (the good cholesterol) and high blood pressure.   Do you recognize this woman? If it’s not you, you may know someone who fits this description. It’s a profile that goes along with a condition called metabolic syndrome (formerly […] Read more »


Diabetes and Weight Loss: Losing Weight Improves Diabetes Management

Will weight loss help my diabetes management, or reduce my risk for developing diabetes?   Diabetes is a disorder in which the body does not produce enough insulin, and/or does not use it effectively. The result is that glucose (sugar) – the body’s main source of fuel – builds up in the blood, causing numerous health problems, including kidney failure […] Read more »


Managing Type 2 Diabetes with Mindful Eating

Most people might think that if anyone needs a strict eating plan, it’s a person with Type 2 diabetes. After all, eating to manage diabetes is simple if we understand food exchanges and count carbohydrates, right? Not so fast. If that were true, there probably wouldn’t be so many people who struggle to keep their blood sugars in a healthy […] Read more »

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