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Do You Need to Go Gluten Free?

If we had to pick one trend in healthy eating that seems to be showing up almost everywhere we look, it would be gluten-free eating. From popular books, magazines and websites to grocery-store shelves and restaurant menus, it seems everyone is jumping on the gluten-free bandwagon. If we had to choose a reason, it would be the notion that cutting […] Read more »


Eating Well Recession Style

Healthy eating on a budget is possible and tasty, regardless of whether the economy is up or down. Myth: It’s expensive to eat well. Fact: Not if you buy smart.   Consider these tips to help you eat well while on a budget. You may find managing your grocery bill actually helps improve your eating habits. Planning ahead to eat well helps […] Read more »


Enjoy Your Holidays Without Weight Worries

Tips for Managing Your Weight during the holidays Aim to maintain. Don’t get sidetracked by weight worries in the face of holiday traditions. (Indeed, we don’t encourage a focus on weight any time!) Maintain your healthy habits and revel in the pleasures of the season. Eat what you want. Only by giving yourself permission to eat whatever you want, can […] Read more »


Exploring Mindful Eating Through the Seven Hungers

Am I Really Hungry? Understanding Your Relationship to Food through a Silent Meal

 Mindfulness exercises are woven into many of our programs at Green Mountain at Fox Run. As it relates to food and eating, mindfulness invites us to bring ourselves more fully to the table. The practice of mindful eating can be profoundly enlightening and healing. We can learn […] Read more »


Fats of Life

The Mediterranean Diet – Healthy Fats for Healthy Weight Loss Olive oil, olive oil everywhere, and more than a drop to drink…well, not drink, but certainly enjoy as part of the wonderfully healthy dishes we delighted in on our recent cooking tour of Italy. A few weeks ago, Green Mountain sponsored its first “Food Lover’s Adventure in Mindful, Exquisite Eating” in the […] Read more »

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