Healthy Eating

Exploring Mindful Eating Through the Seven Hungers

Am I Really Hungry? Understanding Your Relationship to Food through a Silent Meal

 Mindfulness exercises are woven into many of our programs at Green Mountain at Fox Run. As it relates to food and eating, mindfulness invites us to bring ourselves more fully to the table. The practice of mindful eating can be profoundly enlightening and healing. We can learn […] Read more »


Fats of Life

The Mediterranean Diet – Healthy Fats for Healthy Weight Loss Olive oil, olive oil everywhere, and more than a drop to drink…well, not drink, but certainly enjoy as part of the wonderfully healthy dishes we delighted in on our recent cooking tour of Italy. A few weeks ago, Green Mountain sponsored its first “Food Lover’s Adventure in Mindful, Exquisite Eating” in the […] Read more »


Flavorful Healthy Eating

Pump Up the Pleasure for Healthy Eating Gourmets know you don’t need to eat a lot of good-tasting food to be satisfied. In fact, it’s the pleasure in the first bites that gratifies most; subsequent bites serve more to fill us up. Eating more just because of the flavor is sort of like a dog chasing its tail — you’ll […] Read more »


Have Your Pasta & Eat It, Too!

Facts regarding the low-carbohydrate rage, based on two recent consumer studies. 44% of American adults say they are trying to limit carbohydrates, but only about 4% say they are on a low-carbohydrate diet. Of those 4% on a low-carbohydrate diet, only 1/4 of them actually significantly cut their carbohydrates. What does this tell us? On the one hand, it’s more […] Read more »


Healthy Eating – Change Your Mind First

Most of us have likely at one time or another resolved to eat better – to cut out all the foods we think we ‘shouldn’t’ be eating. We believe by sheer willpower alone we can ‘eat right’ to lose weight, improve our health and feel better. But after a few days of this resolve (if we can last that long), […] Read more »

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