Intrinsic Exercise: Horseback Riding For A Healthy Lifestyle

The Joys of Exercise – Get On Your Horse And Ride! What to do when your workout becomes boooring? It seems to happen overnight, doesn’t it? One day you’re totally into it and the next day you loathe putting on your sneakers. It’s important to recognize this can be a critical time to make some good decisions. If you don’t […] Read more »


Is Your Exercise Plan Just Another Diet?

Either you’re in or you’re out. You’re on or you’re off. This sounds like a diet but it can also describe how you approach exercise. It’s diet mentality thinking, which is marked by extreme thinking and judging yourself, your behaviors and your body as good or bad. There’s no in-between. This polarizing thought pattern sabotages women who struggle with weight […] Read more »

Geschafft vom Training und Diäten

Jumpstart Your Winter Fitness

Winter weight gain plagues the best of us. We begin the season with a month-long celebration of food and drink, then stare down a couple of months where often the most appealing thing is to curl up on the sofa with a good book to wait out the weather. New Year’s Resolutions aside, the list of reasons why we can’t […] Read more »


Moving for Life: Walking is Where It’s At

Consider the Health Benefits It may help to realize where regular physical activity can take you. In terms of health alone, the benefits can be tremendous. Studies show that regular modest exercise combined with a loss of less than 10 pounds reduced risk of adult onset diabetes among higher-weight women and men. Moderate physical activity (predominantly walking) as part of your […] Read more »


Overcoming Exercise Fears in Overweight and Obese Women

Yes, You Can! When I walk around the neighborhood, I worry that everyone is laughing at me. I can’t keep up with Sally when we’re biking. It makes me feel inadequate. I’m afraid I’ll hurt myself playing volleyball so I don’t even try. Recognize any of these thoughts? For many of us, these types of exercise fears form significant barriers […] Read more »

Women walking - thigh chafing
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