Fitness Strategies for Summer Fun

Women’s Weight Loss Program Approach – Avoiding the Pitfalls Summer — there’s no better time to start a physical activity program! For those of us who live in colder climes, summer’s warm weather offers a wealth of opportunities for being physically active, or for varying our regular physical activity routine. For those of us who have been putting off getting […] Read more »


Fitting in Fitness during the Holiday Season

With all of the planning, shopping, gift wrapping, and baking, the holiday season often makes us wonder whether fitness will remain part of our lives during this time. The answer is that it absolutely can if we make a holiday fitness plan. The benefits?  At the least, it’s a great stress management tool! Making a Holiday Fitness Plan Step 1: […] Read more »


Healthy Living – Taking It Outside

Do you recall your parents saying, “Go outside and play with your friends for a while!” or “Go get some fresh air!” These words are often mistaken for a punishment or convenient way for parents to get kids out of their way. But today, we may see the wisdom of what Mom and Dad were encouraging. When we spend time […] Read more »


Healthy Weight Loss: Top 10 Mistakes in The Gym

Finding or making time to exercise is an important step toward improving your health, but it’s also important to know what you are doing. Workouts can be challenging and mistakes in the gym are common. At times, these mistakes can cause mild strains or more significant injuries. The American Council on Exercise warns of these top 10 mistakes commonly made […] Read more »


Heart Healthy Fitness: Fitness for Two or More

February is known as Heart Month. Most of us think of Cupid and Valentines, but there’s another reason February goes by this title. Health experts have cleverly designated it as the time to focus on heart healthy fitness. How many of us have thought (like the experts) to combine our Valentine’s gifts to loved ones with the pursuit of heart […] Read more »

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