Healthy Lifestyles For Better Weight Management

Health & Weight Management Perspectives Accept Your Wonderful Self Challenge unrealistic messages and disparaging attitudes, and start practicing some self-love. The irony is that healthy self and size acceptance is key to achieving your natural, healthy weight, too. Before & After: A New Look at New Year’s Resolutions For many of us, the holidays are a time of abundant food, […] Read more »

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Healthy Weight Loss: Lose the Dead Weight This Year

The thesaurus defines dead weight as a hindrance, burden, liability or drain. Many of us would think that’s an apt description of extra pounds – often found in our midsections — that aren’t part of our natural, healthy weight. But at Green Mountain, where the emphasis is on healthy weight loss, we have a different idea of where the dead […] Read more »

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Diabetes and Weight Loss: Losing Weight Improves Diabetes Management

Will weight loss help my diabetes management, or reduce my risk for developing diabetes?   Diabetes is a disorder in which the body does not produce enough insulin, and/or does not use it effectively. The result is that glucose (sugar) – the body’s main source of fuel – builds up in the blood, causing numerous health problems, including kidney failure […] Read more »


Exercise Success – Office Exercise Tips

Work or Workout? Office Exercise You Can Do Are you someone who thinks or says, “I simply don’t have enough time to exercise because I work so much.” “My office doesn’t have a fitness center so I can’t exercise during the day.” “My family keeps me busy after I get home — there’s just no time to exercise!” Careers, family […] Read more »


Fitness Attitudes for Women with Weight To Lose

Exercise is Not a Four Letter Word It’s obvious that the word ‘exercise’ has more than four letters, but many of us will agree it sounds like a four-letter word. Indeed, many people feel so negatively about exercise, experts often advise using the term ‘physical activity’ instead. No matter what you call it, moving your body is critical to feeling […] Read more »

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