Healthy Lifestyles For Better Weight Management

Health & Weight Management Perspectives Accept Your Wonderful Self Challenge unrealistic messages and disparaging attitudes, and start practicing some self-love. The irony is that healthy self and size acceptance is key to achieving your natural, healthy weight, too. Before & After: A New Look at New Year’s Resolutions For many of us, the holidays are a time of abundant food, […] Read more »

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Healthy Weight Loss: Lose the Dead Weight This Year

The thesaurus defines dead weight as a hindrance, burden, liability or drain. Many of us would think that’s an apt description of extra pounds – often found in our midsections — that aren’t part of our natural, healthy weight. But at Green Mountain, where the emphasis is on healthy weight loss, we have a different idea of where the dead […] Read more »

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Diabetes and Weight Loss: Losing Weight Improves Diabetes Management

Will weight loss help my diabetes management, or reduce my risk for developing diabetes?   Diabetes is a disorder in which the body does not produce enough insulin, and/or does not use it effectively. The result is that glucose (sugar) – the body’s main source of fuel – builds up in the blood, causing numerous health problems, including kidney failure […] Read more »


Exercise Success – Office Exercise Tips

Work or Workout? Office Exercise You Can Do Are you someone who thinks or says, “I simply don’t have enough time to exercise because I work so much.” “My office doesn’t have a fitness center so I can’t exercise during the day.” “My family keeps me busy after I get home — there’s just no time to exercise!” Careers, family […] Read more »