Fitness & Willpower: It’s Not You, It’s Your Approach

Keeping Your Fitness Routine Alive Does winter… and the holidays… regularly throw a wrench in your fitness routine? “Working out more” certainly ranks as one of the top New Year’s resolutions. But it’s a resolution that frequently falls by the wayside. Research shows that there is: A 50% chance that you will quit your exercise program by Valentine’s Day. A 70% […] Read more »

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Why Quick Weight Loss Boot Camps Don’t Work

Achieving Your Healthy Weight at Green Mountain Green Mountain at Fox Run can help you reach a healthy weight and stay there… when boot camps can’t. Here’s why: Humiliation and criticism don’t work as motivating tactics.  The underlying emotional stressors that contribute to and cause weight gain must be addressed. Focusing on body and mind is necessary for healthy, permanent weight […] Read more »


A Healthy Approach to Exercise for Weight Loss

How to Develop Motivation to Exercise Why is it that some people need to move? They seem to have this little voice within telling their bodies to get out there and walk or swim or bike. Why is it that others have to battle themselves everyday to exercise? They seem to have a little devil on their shoulder telling them […] Read more »

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How Much Exercise Is Enough?

We often hear from our alums that they don’t know if they’re getting enough exercise. After all, most of us don’t have four to five hours each day to exercise like we do on a typical day here at Green Mountain. Our most important advice in this regard is to base your goals on where you are right now. Set […] Read more »

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Eat, Move and Enjoy!

Janet can’t fit into her clothes. They’re not old clothes; she spent more money than she liked after she lost weight just a couple of months ago. This isn’t something new to her either. She’s been there, done that too many times before. Just what is she doing, and why isn’t it working for her? If Janet is like many […] Read more »