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Stress, Cortisol and Weight Gain: Is Stress Sabotaging Your Weight and Health?

Weight Concerns: A Top Stress Producer for Women A recent survey showed Americans find personal health a much more stressful topic than even a year ago. What many of us don’t realize (and what scientists are just starting to understand) is that dieting, the most common approach to managing weight concerns for Americans, doesn’t offer any real answers for the majority of us. […] Read more »


Tips for Improving Body Image for Women

When we don’t feel good about our bodies, we treat them in ways that perpetuate our weight and eating struggles.  We diet…and binge. We binge…and hate ourselves and our bodies. We over-exercise to compensate…and then we injure ourselves. We do it all…and burn out. Self care is not part of this equation. It’s odd that starting to feel better about […] Read more »

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Is Perfectionistic Thinking Sabotaging Women’s Weight Efforts?

Is Perfectionist Thinking Supporting or Sabotaging Your Success for Healthy Weight Loss and Lifestyle Change? High standards are the driving force behind many weight loss success stories. As Annette Colby, PhD, describes in her newsletter Eating Peacefully, many scientists, researchers, artists, athletes and successful business people spend endless hours perfecting their knowledge, working harder than their colleagues, and pushing themselves […] Read more »

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5 Tips to Stop Eating at Night

Do You Have Night Eating Syndrome (NES)? Also known as “midnight hunger,” NES is primarily characterized as an ongoing, persistent pattern of late-night overeating or binge eating. Does This Sound Like Your Routine? You restrict, deprive yourself or skip meals throughout the day, 
which leads to thinking about food constantly and grabbing random snacks here or there, not really considering
 what your […] Read more »


For Healthy Weight Loss: 4 Tips for Making Changes that Last

“I want to lose weight.” When most women arrive at our doorstep, their primary goal can be summed up those five words. What that means to many ranges from changing what, when and how much they eat as well as their emotional attachment to food.  For others, it’s all about exercise.  Still others recognize it’s their attitudes about their bodies, or […] Read more »