Emotional Eating

Stop Emotional Eating by Stopping All-or-Nothing Thinking

Break the All-or-Nothing Thinking of dieters and emotional eaters with strategies that foster normal eating. Take this simple quiz to gauge your emotional eating attitudes. Do you eat to comfort yourself? Do you think it’s inappropriate to do so? When you eat emotionally, do you feel guilty? If you’re like many of the women who come to Green Mountain at […] Read more »


Stress Eating: When Emotional Eating Hurts

Recognize Your Stress Eating Characteristics Do you find yourself reaching for a snack when you are: Anxious? You’re worried about what might happen, what didn’t happen, what you want to happen, what you don’t want to happen? Bored? There’s nothing to do and so much time to not do it in. Unhappy? Things just aren’t working out the way you […] Read more »


Emotional Eating: Getting the Support We Need

Stopping Emotional Eating: Getting the Support We Need Julie thought she did most things ‘right’ when it came to eating and exercise. She chose healthy foods most of the time, thought she ate only when hungry most of the time, and got the recommended amount and kind of physical activity. So she was dumbfounded that her weight continued to fluctuate […] Read more »

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Moving from Selfish to Selfness

As women we are often taught to be unselfish, to take other people’s needs and feelings into consideration. Frequently we give all our life juice to others in the process, leaving nothing for ourselves. Putting the other guy (or gal) first is the message we receive from our families of origin and also from our culture. Needless to say, that […] Read more »


Emotions and Food

How did we get so afraid of feelings? After all, emotions, including the so-called negative ones, are a natural part of being human. Everyone experiences them – each and every day. Yet some people cope with difficult emotions by repressing them. It becomes an automatic habit to sweep unpleasant feelings under the rug and to stop consciously noticing what the […] Read more »

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