Emotional Eating

For Healthy Weight Loss: 4 Tips for Making Changes that Last

“I want to lose weight.” When most women arrive at our doorstep, their primary goal can be summed up those five words. What that means to many ranges from changing what, when and how much they eat as well as their emotional attachment to food.  For others, it’s all about exercise.  Still others recognize it’s their attitudes about their bodies, or […] Read more »


Weight Gain at College: Preventing Chaotic Eating

A Cheat Sheet for College Women (Or Anyone with a Busy Schedule) on Preventing Chaotic Eating and Weight Gain College can be one of the best times of our lives.  But it can also be one of the most chaotic. Living on our own for the first time, making our own schedules, figuring out meals in the dining hall or […] Read more »


Stop Emotional Eating by Stopping All-or-Nothing Thinking

Break the All-or-Nothing Thinking of dieters and emotional eaters with strategies that foster normal eating. Take this simple quiz to gauge your emotional eating attitudes. Do you eat to comfort yourself? Do you think it’s inappropriate to do so? When you eat emotionally, do you feel guilty? If you’re like many of the women who come to Green Mountain at […] Read more »


Stress Eating: When Emotional Eating Hurts

Recognize Your Stress Eating Characteristics Do you find yourself reaching for a snack when you are: Anxious? You’re worried about what might happen, what didn’t happen, what you want to happen, what you don’t want to happen? Bored? There’s nothing to do and so much time to not do it in. Unhappy? Things just aren’t working out the way you […] Read more »

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