Emotional Eating

What Your Food Cravings May Be Telling You

Pastries to the left of us, drive-thrus to the right, candy dish straight ahead… we live in a time where food seems to be everywhere we turn. For many people, just seeing and/or smelling food triggers cravings that seem uncontrollable. If we change how we think about cravings, however, we can find it’s not at all about control. It’s about […] Read more »

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How Does A Negative Body Image Affect Your Weight…and Life?

A Quick Body Image Quiz When you eat a large meal and feel too full, do you start to think you’re fat? When you’re in a bad mood, do you usually mentally criticize your body? When you wear something unflattering, do you tend to blame it on your body size or shape? Do you often find yourself thinking negatively about […] Read more »


Managing Food Cravings: Healthy Weight Loss for Women

When we think we’re dealing with carbohydrate cravings, a new study published in the International Journal of Obesity suggests we’re really just craving calories. But not just any source of calories…something that has a lot of them. We’re hungry, and we want something to satisfy. As we all know, that’s usually not a carrot stick. The study was part of a larger one that looked […] Read more »


Perfectionism: Its Joys and Perils

Perfectionism Can Be A Double-Edged Sword It has the capacity to provide either great joy and personal growth … or misery. A key to perfectionism is not to eliminate this gift, but to harness its energy as a positive force. Why Perfectionism is Great Perfectionism can be a positive force that can provide the driving energy which leads to great […] Read more »

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Tips for Improving Body Image for Women

When we don’t feel good about our bodies, we treat them in ways that perpetuate our weight and eating struggles.  We diet…and binge. We binge…and hate ourselves and our bodies. We over-exercise to compensate…and then we injure ourselves. We do it all…and burn out. Self care is not part of this equation. It’s odd that starting to feel better about […] Read more »

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