Emotional Eating

Are You Addicted to Food?

As the subject gets more attention from the media and health professionals alike, many individuals self-diagnose themselves as food addicts. Just what is food addiction, and are you truly addicted to food? Defining Food Addiction In theory, we’re all addicted to food in a serious way. We can’t live without it. But the term “food addiction” implies a connection to […] Read more »


What Are You Hungry For?

“As we make friends with our feelings, we can discover that they can be allies and guides in this journey we call life. They can lead us to a place of deep understanding about who we really are and what we truly want, a place we might not otherwise be able to reach.” ~ Eating in the Light of the […] Read more »

empty plate

Coping with and Managing Food Cravings

Is a morning without orange juice and coffee unthinkable? Can you eat just one cookie, or do they keep calling from the cupboard until they’re all gone? Do you sometimes feel an overwhelming urge to crunch that only chips, not apples, will satisfy? For most of us, forgoing favorite foods at certain times is not only unthinkable, it seems beyond […] Read more »


Overcoming Binge Eating: Chocolate as Love

Chocolate represents love, whether it be from our significant other, child, parent or just good friend. But for women who struggle with eating and weight, chocolate often represents something else: Binge time. What’s behind this reaction, and what can we do to change it? Here’s what we’ve learned at Green Mountain working with the women who have come to our […] Read more »


Stopping Binge Eating: Well Balanced Meals

A recent discussion on our alumnae discussion board got me thinking about this topic. A few of our past participants have been talking about how they are obsessed with food, and that they can’t stop thinking about it. While food obsessions aren’t always about eating enough, sometimes they are. Whether we’re consciously trying to eat less or not, when we […] Read more »

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