Green Mountain Is Turning 40…

          …and We’ve Never Looked Better!

The year was 1973: The Sears Tower joined the world’s skyline, Watergate unfolded, and “Midnight Train to Georgia” played on the radio…

Our Pioneering Weight Loss Program was Founded in 1973

Meanwhile, back in Vermont, history was also made when Thelma Wayler, MS, RD, started Green Mountain at Fox Run, a pioneering lifestyle-based, non-diet program for women.

Thelma appeared on Oprah’s predecessor The Phil Donahue Show, was featured in Time Magazine, and was a sought-after speaker telling anyone who would listen that diets don’t work.

Forty Years Later, We’re Better than Ever

Support and research confirming our non-diet approach is stronger than ever and we know we’re a little bit smarter (much attributed to all the women we’ve worked with over the years).

It’s Time to Celebrate and Reflect

As we celebrate our 40th anniversary of helping women break free from the grip of dieting and end their struggles with weight, we’re taking this time to reflect on the countless fad diets that have come and gone over the years.

We’ve Helped Thousands of Women While Fad Diets Have Come and Gone

Visiting with some of the ghosts of diets past (and present), we think you’ll be as amazed as we are by the number of “quick fixes” that turned out to be anything but.


1820: Lord Byron’s Vinegar and Water Diet. A sure-fire hunger management cure.

1925: The Lucky Strike Cigarette Diet.Reach for a Lucky instead of a sweet.” Yikes! Bring on the chocolate.

1930s: The Grapefruit Diet. A grapefruit a day will keep the fat away — except when it doesn’t.

1950s: The Cabbage Soup Diet. Quick weight loss that packed a punch… unfortunately for your husband.

1963: Weight Watchers Diet. Weigh-ins, wafers, and why is everybody watching?

1975: The Cookie Diet. We all ate it up. And up. And up.

1977: Slim-Fast Diet. “A shake for breakfast, a shake for lunch, then a sensible dinner.” What does that make the other two meals?

1978: The Scarsdale Diet. Restriction, reduction, revenge.

1988: The Liquid Diet (aka The Oprah Diet). Oprah pulls a wagon of fat on stage just to prove her point. You know the rest…

1992: The Atkins Diet. Hello, mayonnaise. Hello, bacon. Hello, ketosis.

1995: The Zone Diet. When good fat turns bad.

2003: The South Beach Diet. A lighter version of Atkins, but with better weather.

2004 – 2013: The Biggest Loser. Extreme exercise, dietary restriction and shocking “reveals” turns weight loss into a reality show.

So, here’s to our future. The best is yet to come.

Are you ready to stop dieting and try something different, too?