Where Successful Weight Management Starts

Successful weight management starts with befriending yourself — body and mind.  That’s the focus of two special weeks at Green Mountain later this month.  They will feature special guest Elesa Commerse, founder of National Meditation Month and co-founder and director of Touching Earth, a Chicago-based mindfulness learning center.  The subject is one that Green Mountain […]

Fat Talk Free Week

Wake Up to Fat Talk Fat Talk is a conversational trap of habituated and mindless speaking. We not only use  it on others, but it is also how we talk to ourselves.  Frequently it’s used as a starter or how we greet old friends… “Wow, it looks like you have lost weight” or “Gosh, I […]

It Happened This Week: No Diet Day, Cruelty & Forgiveness, & To Mama with Love

Today is International No Diet Day, a day to celebrate the diversity and beauty of all our sizes and shapes.  Pick out your top best reason for giving up diets here.  If you can choose just one. Follow that up with a peek at Who Told You You Were Less Than? Well, it will take […]

Loving Ourselves in the New Year

There’s a great event going on over on Facebook encouraging a New Year’s ReVolution instead of the same old resolutions.  It’s focused on loving ourselves to wellness, e.g., the Health at Every SizeSM (HAES) approach, instead of, well, you know.  New Year’s resolutions are too often about focusing on what we hate. You can check […]

Plus-Sized Clothing With Flair

The plus-sized clothing company Igigi contacted us recently and asked if we’d consider reviewing their clothing. So we called upon our friend Megan Loughmiller. A recent grad starting a new job, she needed to to find stylish yet practical clothing to add to her professional wardrobe. The company sent her one item of her choice […]