It Happened This Week: From Eating Like You Want Your Kids To to Trashing the Scale

The American Heart Association got a jumpstart on Heart Month (February) by announcing its new campaign “Today’s the Day.”  The goal:  Help prevent heart disease among women.  It’s our #1 killer.  Love some of their tips, which show up somewhat disguised as lines such as “Today’s the day I eat what I’d want my children […]

Breakfast Protein Helps Light Eaters Feel Full

Before I get to the meat (just laugh with me, ok?) of this post, a few thoughts: I purposefully didn’t use the word “dieters” in my title although that’s the word used in the article that spurred this post.  I’m following my own advice to watch the words we use.  Instead of promoting dieting by […]

For Healthy Weight Loss, Read a Book?

According to a women’s health website, Duke University researchers this week released results of a study that showed young girls (age 9 to 13) who were part of a weight loss program fared better after reading a novel that featured a story line about a young large size girl who worries about going on an […]