Healthy Eating, Healthy Weight in College — It’s Not Impossible!

In college, it was not unusual for me to order pizza at midnight. Whether I was writing a paper or hanging out with friends, food always seemed to be there. After going out to a party, most evenings ended with a trip to the local diner. Who doesn’t crave potato skins at four in the […]

Eating with Your Eyes Closed

On Friday, I had a brownie for dessert. I remember it clearly because I ate it differently than I normally would. Without even noticing it, I closed my eyes while I was chewing the brownie. All of the sudden, everything else melted away and all of my senses were concentrated on the way the brownie […]

A Love Letter To My Behind

Today’s guest post comes courtesy of Dara Chadwick, author of the forthcoming book, “You’d Be So Pretty If…Teaching Our Daughters to Love Their Bodies–Even When We Don’t Love Our Own” She’s got a great blog that we encourage you to check out. Here’s Dara’s “Love Letter to My Behind”: On Monday, I wrote about turning […]

Mother’s Day Special and Blogging Contest – Win a Spa Week!

Can a woman who dislikes her own body model a healthy body image for her daughter? When mom frequently skips meals, counts calories or turns down favorite foods because she thinks she’s fat, what message does that send to her child? These subtle behaviors can have a dramatic impact on our family members and how […]

Self-Esteem Vs Self-Acceptance

I watch a lot of infomercials – always have. I find them far more entertaining than the regular programming. I particularly enjoy weight-loss focused infomercials, including the next greatest exercise, the next greatest diet, the next greatest supplement, the next greatest way of thinking to-lose-weight-mercials. You could call it an pre-occupational hazard J. For years […]

Tale of Two Kitties, Part 2

Back in May I posted “A Tale of Two Kitties,” a story about two female litter mate cats  (another way to say sisters with the same mother and father) I had for 18 years – one thin, lanky and beautiful, the other pudgy, tubby, and cute in a roly-poly way. I observed them over the […]

The Truth About Women

Regardless how you arrived here, you possess one thing in common with every other woman who’s made the same journey – you’re looking for a voice of reason…some simple truths.  Starting with, can I really find a safe way to lose weight and keep it off?  Will I feel good again?  Can I just do […]