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Are You Ready to Try Something Different?

By Lisa Christie

Today’s blog post is a shameless plug, so please forgive us for this one post. But we find it necessary to take a step back, for our new blog subscribers and old, to remind them how our blog A Weight Lifted is here for them. This year marks the eighth year of A Weight Lifted, one of the first blogs dedicated […] Read more »

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Who Ate My Lunch???

By Robyn Priebe

No I’m not talking about someone stealing your lunch out of the break-room fridge, I’m talking about eating amnesia, which can certainly thwart our weight loss goals.  While they do make plastic bags that give the appearance of moldy food to deter someone from snagging your sandwich, I’m unaware of a product that will help us avoid forgetting that we ate something.  […] Read more »

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