Fitness Friday: The Unfortunate Reality of Thigh Chafing

Let’s be real for a moment. Nothing can be more frustrating than trying to become more active, only for your efforts to be hampered by an annoyance like thigh chafing. Here we are trying to move our bodies and what do we get? Red, irritated skin that hurts when we move and makes us walk […]

A Letter to Chris Christie on His Weight Loss Surgery

So Governor Chris Christie had stomach surgery – the weight loss kind. No surprise there. The poor man has been vilified for his weight — which has nothing to do with his abilities.  It’s no wonder he is looking for help. This isn’t a vote for or against Christie, or weight loss surgery for that […]

40 Reasons to Stop Dieting Before You Start

Today’s blog post is part of our top-40 series to mark Green Mountain’s 40th anniversary. International NO DIET Day Yesterday was International NO DIET day, and I read some astonishingly heartfelt pieces about why people don’t diet or have stopped dieting. Among them – Tiffany of More Cabaret – on not dieting as an ode […]

Feeling Low? Try A Helper’s High

If you find that you’re dwelling too much on your weight and feeling low, one way to take the focus off your feelings is to do something — really almost anything —  for someone else.  This act of giving can be through an organization or just doing a good deed for your neighbor, such as  […]

Are You Ready to Try Something Different?

Today’s blog post is a shameless plug, so please forgive us for this one post. But we find it necessary to take a step back, for our new blog subscribers and old, to remind them how our blog A Weight Lifted is here for them. This year marks the eighth year of A Weight Lifted, one […]

Fitness Friday: Truly Legit Reasons to Exercise

Today’s post by Jill C originally ran earlier this year, and I thought it was especially relevant given an amazing image that was being shared around Facebook yesterday that was created by This is Not a Diet – It’s Your Life. Read below about how Jill was able to stop using exercise as a diet […]

The #1 Skill for Weight Management – Kindness

Last week, Dr. Yoni Freedhoff said in US News that the No. 1 skill for weight management is the ability to pick yourself up, dust yourself off and get back on with it. No doubt, this is absolutely a critical piece, but in order to be resilient, kindness toward yourself helps you remember that it’s […]

Why the Scale Sucks: A Cautionary Tale

Back in January, I announced I was doing Jillian Michaels’ 30-Day-Shred. I’m about halfway through, my ambition waning somewhat in March after a strong start in January and February. If I retrace my progress, I am pretty sure I can link my “waning ambition” back to an unfortunate incident with a scale. Although my primary […]

What Causes Weight Loss?

So many people are trying to figure out what eating style, work out routine, and behavior modifications will result in weight loss.  Figuring out what causes weight loss is a complicated process and varies so much from person to person, much of which depends on our physical make up and our current habits.  For example, […]

Girl Scout Cookies Are Good for Your Insides

Today’s post is courtesy of Cindy Bishop, Managing Director at Green Mountain at Fox Run. More than likely, sometime in your life you’ve answered the doorbell to find a freckle-faced Girl Scout selling cookies. Equipped with a large box filled with Shout Outs, Peanut Butter Patties and Do-Si-Dos, she cheerfully asks if you would like […]

The Next Time You Reach for The Cookie Jar

I just walked by a group of women at Green Mountain who were making cookie jars. Yeah, I know, doesn’t seem like the kind of thing we would do here, does it? Well, a Green Mountain cookie jar is not your mother’s cookie jar. In fact, it’s a fun play on the idea that when […]

Weight Loss Expectations: Stop “Shoulding” Yourself

We ran this post last year at this time – about the time that women start beating themselves up for not sticking to their New Year’s resolutions. If that sounds like you, then today’s post by Darla can provide some helpful insights. There is something about the New Year that invites the word “should” into […]

The Binge Eating Diaries: After the Resolutions (Or Not)

Whether you made one New Year’s resolution, five New Year’s resolutions, or decided that resolutions don’t work for you, this time of year is a transitional period for each and every one of us. The holidays have ended, and with them the seasonal food torture. Now relatives are out of sight, leftovers are no longer […]

On NOT Setting New Year’s Goals

One of amazing things about our program at Green Mountain is that it opens our eyes to what most of us consider to be universal truths. One of those so many of us subscribe to is that we must be a certain weight to be healthy. It was a tremendous relief for me to understand that there is no one-size-fits-all approach or answer to weight and […]

Wine & Weight: Reasons a Bit is Good & More is Not

‘Tis the season of family gatherings, cocktail parties and festivities galore. We hear from a lot of women that they are worried about holiday weight gain. Not just from the abundance of food at the holidays – but from alcohol. The truth is, many of us enjoy the merriment so much more with a glass […]

Guest Post: Weight Loss Assumptions

Green Mountain has invited me to share one of my blog posts with you today about the assumptions people make about weight loss and dieting.  My colleague complimented me about how much weight I had lost. She remarked, “You must be working so hard!” Yes, but no. But, yes. I’m wondering if by hard work […]

If I Lose Weight…..

The Binge Eating Diaries: What’s Your Number?

This post is an installment in “The Binge Eating Diaries” series by Green Mountain alum Jacki Monaco on her experience with binge eating disorder. Follow Jacki every other Thursday as she shares the discoveries she’s made on her journey to health and happiness. The scale has never been my friend. But in all honesty, has […]

The Green Mountain Guide to Healthy Eating: The Plate Model

There are thousands of books, websites and TV shows on how to eat healthier. We are constantly barraged with complicated schemes and conflicting information about the best ways to lose weight, from counting calories and monitoring our sugar intake to eliminating food groups and calculating points. We can’t even check out at the grocery store […]

A Weekend of Mindfulness

Here at Green Mountain at Fox Run we had a wonderful weekend of healthy eating, movement, SoulCollages®, self compassion, walks of mindfulness, and so much more. Alumnae came to the “Sustain the Change with Mindfulness” weekend for so many reasons: to reconnect, to renourish, to renew, to remind. One of our alums, Jacki Monaco of […]