To Reach Your Health Goals, Know Your Destination

Women Who Come to Green Mountain Think They Want One Thing In my classes with the wonderful women that come to Green Mountain each week, it’s clear that they come for one thing. They want to FEEL better. We all want to feel better, don’t we? But what does that even mean to you exactly? […]

Life Doesn’t Start at Your Goal Weight!

When I lose all this extra weight, I’m going on vacation! When I reach my goal weight, then I’ll try swing dancing. I know I need new clothes, but I’m not buying any until I lose weight. I’ll get back out there and start dating, but first I need to get back down to a […]

Weighing In: Changing Behavior by Slowly Adding a New Habit or Modifying an Old One

Many of my friends have started off the year with the best intentions of following through with their New Year's resolutions.  A few have vowed to lose weight, others to stop a bad habit.  I checked in with them recently to ask what progress, if any, each of them had made. The friends of mine […]