Quick Bean Salad – Healthy Cooking Thursday

You’ve probably heard it already; legumes are awesome.  Aside from being a lean protein choice, beans have oodles of fiber, potassium, iron, calcium, folate, and magnesium (as my friend Robyn pointed out in her recent blog about beans, which includes links to many other delicious legume recipes from our healthy weight loss program in the Green Mountains). Beyond the health […]

Healthy Cooking Thursday: Eggplant Parmesan

Here at our women’s weight loss program tucked in the Green Mountains of Vermont, there are quite a few fan favorites among our healthy recipes for which Chef Jon and I are constantly getting recipe requests. This eggplant entree is always among them. Eggplant parm is one of those awesome meals that features a great vegetable, but seems so decadent, thanks […]

Cooking Thursday: Chipotle Lime Hummus

One snack we serve at Green Mountain at Fox Run is vegetable crudite with hummus.  Making hummus every single week for this snack can cause a chef to get a little, shall we say, creative with flavors.  That is exactly what happened last Tuesday, in conjunction with a lemon allergy in the house.  But limes were fine, so […]

Healthy Cooking Thursday! Crispy Tofu

In honor of Meatless Mondays, featured in Marsha’s blog post here a couple of weeks back, I give you my favorite method of preparation for firm or, even better, extra firm tofu. Here at Green Mountain we serve Vermont Soy tofu, a local, organic product. Yay, sustainability…and deliciousness! Whether you are a tofu fanatic or […]

Healthy Cooking Wednesday! Mushroom-Kale Almond Rice

I love leftovers.  They cause magical things to happen.  I will often cook just a little bit extra of whatever I’m making for a meal for the sole purpose of giving me something fun to play with for a later meal.  It follows with the great culinary motto, “Work Smarter, Not Harder!”  Today’s recipe is […]

Healthy Cooking Thursday! Summery Avocado Sandwich

In honor of Marsha’s blog earlier this week about Meatless Mondays, I am sharing my all-time favorite vegetarian sandwich.  It’s great for those busy (or hot) nights when you just don’t feel like cooking, awesome to bring on a picnic, and perfect for a packed lunch for work or school.  I suggest layering the baguette, cheese, […]

Meatless Mondays

You may have already heard about the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health initiative Meatless Monday.  I know I’ve seen it floating around on Twitter but hadn’t really understood it was a campaign mounted by a prestigious health care institution to “reduce meat consumption by 15% to improve personal health and the health of […]

Healthy Recipes: Spiced Pecans – and Other Winning Recipes from Diabetes Daily

The folks at Diabetes Daily tested healthy recipes for diabetics in their kitchen for a week.   First place recipe contest winner, by Diabetes Daily member Dobelady, was for a healthy holiday recipe called Spiced Pecans. Perfect for a party snack or even a gift!   Makes 12 servings   1 egg white 1 tablespoon water3 cups […]

Healthy Recipe: Kasha-Vegetable Pilaf

Today's healthy recipe is from a blog called Dewey's Treehouse, which also contains links to pages with information about the healthy eating benefits from kasha. Because it is made from buckwheat, which is not a grain, kasha is useful for those who are trying to eliminate gluten from their diets. 1 1/2 tbsp. vegetable oil 1/2 medium […]

Healthy Halloween Recipe: Spicy ‘Bruised’ Bugs

This healthy recipe from 365 Halloween are in bright shades of green, yellow, and black. For a snappy, cripsy texture, use fresh or frozen veggies for a crispy texture, and avoid canned. It's a spooktakular way to get kids who "don’t like vegetables" to enjoy healthy eating. Ingredients (organic whenever possible, fresh or frozen): 2 parts peas 2 parts […]