Salad Suggestions: Mix it Up!

Everyone Needs More Veggies OK, maybe that’s an exaggeration, but most people probably would admit that they don’t eat vegetables as often as they would like. As an example, if I were to follow the 1800 calorie eating pattern the USDA suggests for my age range (which BTW is NOT enough food for me), I would […]

Green Leafy Vegetables – 5 Ways To Eat Them More Often

Many of us may be trying (or at least considering) eating more vegetables.  There’s one group of vegetables that gets a lot of attention for being loaded with nutrients that support our health, especially detoxification….green leafy vegetables.  I recall going to nutrition lecture as a teen and being shocked by the presenter’s recommendation to eat one […]

Be Better, Not Perfect

Yesterday on A Weight Lifted, Darla presented a theme we will be working with during 2011 of Green Mountain KISSes.  These Green Mountain: Keep it Simple, Sweetheart Tips will hopefully help you take on 2011 and make it a year of change and self-improvement with a focus on health and wellness.  Yesterday Darla focused on […]

It Happened This Week: Fresh Veggies Reign!

Farmers' markets aren't just for the affluent.  The New York Times talked this week about those thriving in poorer areas, where fast food reigns and where type 2 diabetes and other health problems do, too. And check this out:  A farmers' market at a medical center.  Duh. Mark Bittman shared his week of cooking and […]

Variety, It’s Good Stuff

If you can, think back over the past week and try to list all the different grains you ate.  I’ll wait………  What did you come up with?  Could you count them all on one hand?  Would it be the same for other food groups like fruits & vegetables?  Granted variety in our food choices is […]

Healthy Recipe Thursday! Creamy Fennel & Leek Soup

As I was thinking about what to post for today’s healthy recipe, I ran across this wonderful idea from Pinch My Salt, a great cooking blog that I often grab recipes from to share with you and to delight my friends and family, too.  This one appealed because I had all the ingredients in the […]